Thursday, 31 May 2012

I received my Number 4 Hair Care sample

Hi dolls,

If you read one of my previous posts. I posted a link to get your own Number 4 Hair care sample. And I received mine in the mail the other day. It was so fast, normally with samples they take forever! But it literally took a couple of days.

If you like to know which sample I picked and how to get your own sample please continue.

Upcoming Soley Heal Balm Review

Hi dolls,

The other day I won a small competition with Truly Yours, the company I usually get my monthly subscription box from. And I won the Soley healing cream it contains Icelandic herbs, so I am pretty excited to start using it and testing it out. Because of all my allergies I have been getting this small spots of eczema on my neck so this is a perfect product to test it out on. Cream is usually used for dry skin, eczema, psoriasis etc. So I am excited to start using it because it is such a natural product. 

This product was actually in the March 2012 Truly Yours box which I just missed. And it is a full size product of 15ml which normally costs 24 euros. Pretty pricey for just a little but if it works, totally worth the price of course.

I love how they put a little ribbon around the product!

If you would like to check out Soley for yourself this is the link to Soley's website and to check out the healing cream the link is right here

I am sicky *boooo* :-(

Hi dolls,

Just a little update telling you all that I have not been feeling so well lately and therefore have not been able to find anything suitable to update with.

I hate being sick, it is absolutely the worst feeling in the world. I really feel for the people who live with an illness every single day. I should be better by tomorrow and I will be able to do some updates. 

Peace and love to my dolls!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

*Shocking* I just discovered MTV's Awkward

Hi dolls,

Today I want to talk about the MTV show Awkward, I never really bothered about this show just because I already follow so many shows. But now that I have gotten the time, I am hooked! I finished the entire season in just a day, although it only consists of 12 episodes and each episode only last around the 21 minute mark. So it really is not that long, but the show is great. This show premiered last year and this year season 2 will be coming on June 28th I will definitely be watching. 

If you like your typical teen drama with a sense of humor tv shows then this is your show! Probably a lot of you all have seen it before but the show is pretty easy to follow and basically it revolves around the character Jenna played by Ashley Rickards who you might recognize from One Tree Hill! Another favorite of mine. Ok so Jenna is this girl who is not very popular but gradually becomes more popular by scandal. First scandal is her attempted suicide in which she basically slips in the bathroom and breaks her arm, and she needs to wear a cast in which her arm position is really awkward hence the name of the tv show, of course more awkward moments follow. You have the usual mean girls, dumb girl, bff, the guy she is in love with, love triangle, and parents who think they are still 16 years old. Your usual teen drama but with a lot of humor, I just love it. I just don't understand why MTV renewed the show for a season 2 only with 12 episodes. I want more!!! But we'll see where the level of the show will be in season 2, usually when season 1 is amazing... 2 is not so much... 

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Get Your Own ''Number 4 Hair Care'' Free Sample

Hi dolls,

I have some great news for all you European readers out here. If you would like to get your own free sample of  Number 4 Hair please continue on.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Truly Yours May 2012 Unboxing

Hi dolls,

My other sample box came in today! It feels just like Christmas with these sample boxes. This time it was the Truly Yours box that came in. I have to say I am quite excited about this box. The box's theme is ''Fun & Games'', there were a total of 7 products in it (if you count all the samples).

For you Dutchies who have not yet received the box, do not read any further but if your curiosity overpowers you please do continue.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Glossy Box May 2012 Unboxing

Hi dolls,

Today I have an unboxing for you of my May 2012 Glossy Box. This month’s box theme is Affordable Favorites. Even though I like my high end products it is nice to know that there are affordable alternatives for when the budget is a little tight. Or sometimes you find out the drugstore brands are even more effective in use than the high end brands.

If you are one of the Dutchies that get the Glossy box please do not continue if you don’t want to know what is in it. But if your curiosity is stronger than your will power then go ahead, I won’t stop you.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Asos Discount Code valid for 24 hours only!

Hi dolls,

This is just a short post saying that Asos once again has a new discount code and this time it is for 20% off!!

New sample box; Blend Box (coming soon)

Hi dolls,

Just a short post saying that I have signed up for the Blend Box today. Their website officially launched today and it was total chaos! 

please continue to read the rest of my horror experience

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Chelsea FC is Champions League Champions

Just a quick post saying how excited I am for Chelsea becoming Champions League champions, it has been a long road coming for them. Having been in the final 4 years ago and now winning then, but yesterday the moment was finally there for them. I am so excited, when the penalty shoot outs were happening I was just praying to not have a re-live moment from 4 years ago. I could not even watch it!!! I was just too nervous.

For the people who don't watch football (soccer whatever you want to call it) this post is not very interesting lol.

I am a huge Chelsea fan and I love watching football/soccer so you will be seeing more posts about football/soccer this summer when the European Cup is being played. 

Congratulations to Chelsea even though you guys did not play a good game, you deserved to win because you worked as a team to defend and never gave up hope that this cup could be yours.

Friday, 18 May 2012

First Eyes Lips Face (ELF) Haul

Hi dolls,

Today my order from ELF finally arrived! I was so excited and then I had to wait to unpack because I wanted to record it for my youtube channel viewers. 

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Review On Rimmel Scandaleyes

Hi dolls,

Another post from me. This one is beauty related. I have been using Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara for a week now and this is a review on it.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Eyes Lips Face (ELF) haul coming soon

Hi dolls,

Just a quick post letting you all know that I have placed an order with Eyes Lips Face cosmetics also known as ELF. I will be not only be doing a haul video for my youtube channel but also for the blog. I placed an order on my birthday and I received an email today saying it is on its way. Which should mean it will arrive in the next two days or so. So stay tuned for the blog post and haul video.

And for whoever is interested in taking a look for themselves, this is the US websiteUK website and the Dutch NL website

Desperate Housewives Series Finale Review

Hi dolls,

I finally have gotten the time to watch and review the Desperate Housewives series finale. Because yesterday was my 24th birthday and I was of course celebrating and eating cake and getting gifts. So I had no time to watch it and post a review. I was actually planning to do a post yesterday but I was too tired and fell asleep.

Don't continue if you have not watched the finale because there will be spoilers.

Friday, 11 May 2012

ASOS discount

Hi dolls,

Just a quick post saying that ASOS always has its continuous sale in their outlet section. ASOS I know a lot of you love the stuff they sell on ASOS, I know I love it all. I wish I could just own almost everything on there.

But I have a discount code for you all where you get an additional 15% off till Sunday midnight,

Upcoming Desperate Housewives Series Finale

Hi dolls,

One of my favorite TV shows of all time is Desperate Housewives and after almost 8 years on air, this Sunday will be the very last episode of Desperate Housewives ever! Of course Desperate Housewives will be going out with a bang with a 2 hour long series finale. Which I hope will conclude all of the story lines. I have to say I am going to be missing my dose of Desperate Housewives. The TV show started when I was 16 believe it or not, it just feels like forever away when I was that 16 year old.

There are so many things in the past 8 seasons that I loved but I think one of the most memorable scene was when Gaby (played by Eva Longoria) mowed the lawn in her gorgeous gown.

Each of the Desperate Housewives had something we could all relate to with the rough patches the housewives went through or the ego trips all the husbands had from time to time. The show made us laugh, made us cry, made us sit in suspense. It had it all, there is no show like it. I really going to miss this show, it is the second show from my favorite shows that is going to end this year. With One Tree Hill being the other one, which had a very cheesy but only One Tree Hill can pull it off series finale.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Glossy Box Subscription

Hi dolls,

Ok so I have decided to go with it and sign up for the Glossy Box as well, because it is the most popular box and it has been around the longest. At least in Holland anyways. As some of you may know Glossy Box is also a monthly subscription box where you will receive 5 deluxe sample sized products or even full size products occasionally. It costs € 12,50 a month which includes the delivery fee. I did not sign up for Glossy Box as my first box because I compared boxes before I picked and did not like all the products that were included. 

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

First haul video

Hi everyone!

I am doing a quick post because I just did a video about a recent shopping haul I did.

Please go to my channel and comment on the video I want to know what you all think. The link is right here.

An unboxing of the Truly Yours April box is also available on there, for the ones who have not seen it or read my Truly Yours April box posts.

Review of Truly Yours Box April

So it has been just over a week since I received my Truly Yours box, which is a monthly subscription box with 4-5 samples usually deluxe or travel size and occasional full size products in the box. This post is a review post just to let you know my thoughts about the products I received in my April box which is also my first box.
For the people who have not read the previous post this is what the box looks like, I think it is the same size as the Glossy boxes but instead of the pink it is this mint tiffany box green.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

My April Buys

Hi dolls,

April has been over for a few days now and I would like to share with you my April buys. I didn't buy that much because I took a 3 month subscription on the Truly Yours box and also I had a birthday gift to buy, which is probably also going to be one of the reason my May buys won't be that much either.

Friday, 4 May 2012

My ASOS Buy of the Month April

Ok so I know it has been May for almost a week now. But I have to share this little buy from ASOS with all of you.

I bought this during the mid season sale ASOS has going on right now. I think this item is a must have for spring/summer I think it is absolutely fabulous!

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