Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Real Steal Deal: Paul & Joe Exclusive Fairytale Collection + ASOS Discountcode

Hi my lovelies,

I am probably the worst blogger of all time, I just simply forget to blog most of the time. I think I need a new schedule and need to write down what and when to blog and what about. It just somehow never seems to work for me. 

Today I have found a great amazing real steal deal for you guys. Well to be fair I have been eyeing this up for quite some time now. First of all Paul & Joe always have the cutest packaging, like their packaging are so cute that you can actually display them and it would look so decorative. Secondly, this collection is inspired by fairytales, I am a huge fairytale fan. And love watching shows like Once Upon a Time and Grimm as well, because it is kind of fairytale based I guess. 

But this product is probably the cutest product ever and it is an exclusive to ASOS, it is the Paul & Joe Fairytale Collection Eyeset in 085 Princess, apparently the other 2 colours are already sold out but there is one left. The original price on this set is € 37.92 and now it is available for only € 13.34 and free shipping worldwide!!

Now where to get this: Paul & Joe ASOS Exclusive Fairytale Collection Eye Colour Set

And now there is a promo code that will give you an additional 10% off! Which is amazing I already purchased mine, also the Rita Ora Rimmel collection is also on ASOS with a discounted price. The code is: MORE10

Now what will you be getting?

Monday, 31 March 2014

MeMeBox 7th Global Edition Unboxing

Hi my dolls,

excuse the fact I haven't posted in a while. Spend some time with my other half enjoying the sun. Because of all of it I had just plainly forgotten about this until I got home.

Now you probably have realized, the memebox has fast become 1 of my favorite beautyboxes. I won't say anything more but just let you enjoy the bliss of the memebox #7 unboxing.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Foundation Routine Using Drugstore Products

Hello my lovelies,

I have uploaded a new video once again and I have decided to go with the good old Foundation Routine, the last foundation routine I uploaded was from a very long time ago and decided I needed an updated one and decided to use all drugstore products. If you would like to see a high-end one and/or budget one please let me know. I would love to do it.

Now the foundation I used is the Rimmel Match Perfection in 200 soft beige which has been absolutely amazing! All products used are listed in the downbar of the video.

I hope you like it and let me know what you think.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

iHerb Haul + Discount Code

Hi lovelies,

well today I have a haul post for you all. I had never ordered from iHerb before but heard great things and shipping costs are low and the Real Techniques brushes are so much cheaper there than when I have to order it from either an European or a Dutch webshop.

Of course I had to buy the core collection face brush set from Real Techniques that I have had my eye on for like forever! And a Physicians Formula Happy booster in Rose which is a glow & mood boosting blush.

And when you click the freebie tab at the top, you can pick 1 freebie from all those products for free! I picked the moisturizing socks, because they looked interesting and I have never tried such a product before.

Now the total of this order came to $ 26.02 I know that is an amazing discount especially because the brush set alone was $ 18.- or something, I had a code that gave me $5.- or $10.- off your first order. $5.- was for orders below $40.- and $10.- is for when you have $40.- or more. The code is: LSQ687

Shipping starts from $ 4.- worldwide, but that is pretty slow though. I got mine in like 3 weeks or so. I don't mind that much because I don't really like paying for shipping anyways.

I will definitely be ordering with them again, also you do have to pay attention with your country's import fees because when it exceeds a certain amount you will have to pay additional fees to your country tax authority.

What is your experience with iHerb?

Monday, 24 March 2014

MeMeBox LuckyBox #1 Unboxing

Hi dolls,

I know I have been a horrible person and have been neglecting my blog the last couple of days. Now I really wish I prepared before I left for the weekend, but usually I am too lazy well ok I am always too lazy. Who can relate?

Anyways I have finally managed to upload my latest memebox unboxing online all details will be in the video.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Fragrance Direct Haul

Hello lovelies,

I have decided to do a small-ish Fragrance Direct haul here on my blog instead of keep filming these haul videos because I get tired of saving up all my purchases and now being able to use some of them, or remember to film a haul. I just don't want my channel to be all about hauls to be honest.

So thats everything I bought, I bought an Elizabeth Arden cream blush, an Essie base coat polish, Essie polish, Becca foundation stick, Becca Sheer Foundation stick and a Becca fine pressed powder.

Thats the Elizabeth Arden Cream blush in Honey, it is gorgeous and it was such a good deal could not pass that up. It is pretty small though.

This is the Becca Foundation Stick in Capuccino and I basically bought this to use for contouring. I thought I would buy it in a bit darker color so I can experiment with the extreme contouring a la Kim Kardashian.

This is the Becca Sheer Foundation Stick in Brulee, and will actually be my shade during the summer when I become a little bit darker. These stick foundations have great reviews and are an absolute steal on Fragrance Direct.

The last item from this haul is this Becca Fine Pressed Powder in Cocoa, I know what you are thinking wow that is dark. And I basically bought for contouring, I thought I could experiment with it. The price of it is just as good as a normal drugstore bronzer.

So that is it for my haul, what is your experience with Fragrance Direct?

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Lip Factory Inc March 2014 ''Its All About The Lips''

Hello lovelies,

new day, new blog post. I filmed and edited and uploaded this video all in one day, I have to say pretty impressed with myself. I was really excited with this box I just could not wait and show all of you quick enough.

As you all know Lip Factory Inc is an all makeup monthly subscription service and once in a while they have an all lip products box. And this month it was finally here. If you are a total lip junkie like I am, don't hesitate and just click the link already and enjoy the video!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Real Steal Deal: bareMinerals Shine On Palette

Hi my lovelies,

today I actually don't have a video post for you. Although I probably should get to editing those 2 videos I have filmed previously. I have been kind of lazy and also I have been spending the day doing my tax-return and also some other formal stuff. I hate these types of days because it seems to consist of nothing fun but oh well it has to be done.

I actually thought this would be good opportunity to let you all know about this new real steal deal I have come across. I actually have been wanting to buy this palette even when it was full price but could not justify buying it just because I thought I could rather spend my money elsewhere.

I believe this palette was part of the bareMinerals holiday collection, and basically contains almost everything you need to create a full face of makeup. This palette is a value of € 51.- but was originally on sale for € 32.49 but now you can buy it for € 16.29 now that is what I call a good price for a nice cute palette. 

I just ordered mine and cannot wait to have it come in. I think this will be great for travel if you want to travel light or just even for every day makeup. When I have it I will definitely be doing a review on it.

You can get your own by clicking this link you will be taken to the feelunique website. And you will even get free shipping! And yes they do ship worldwide and the shipping is free above 12 euros or something like that. Now I would like to know who has this palette and what you think of it? And if you don't, will this be on your wishlist?
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