Thursday, 30 January 2014

Real Steal Deal : Illamasqua Lipgloss & Lipstick DUO at ASOS

Hi lovelies,

I have decided to start a new segment on my blog, which is called real steal deal. The entire point of this is to point out a nice deal, whether this is makeup, beauty, haircare or fashion related.

I came up with this after I came across this amazing deal on ASOS last night, when I was browsing the net again for some nice stuff to buy.

I always browse the beauty section at ASOS, because sometimes they have exclusive sets and deals that you cannot find anywhere else. Well I found this quite the deal. 

This duo by Illamasqua, consists of an Intense Lipgloss in Boost and a Lipstick in Liv. This deal is now currently on sale for only  € 15,45 normally this set retails for € 39.00 and a normal Illamasqua lipstick retails for € 23.00. So this quite the bargain, or how I would like to call it a ''real steal deal''.

I have already ordered this nice duo, and am waiting for it to arrive. Cannot wait, totally excited. Get yours by clicking this link

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Lip Factory Inc January 2014 unboxing

Hello my lovelies,

I have finally decided to get back on to my blogging again. Recently I have been getting a lot more time on my hands and also the fact that I have now decided to stop procastinating and start blogging again or just stop entirely. And to be honest I cannot bare to stop with blogging entirely.

So to start of, I have decided to start linking up my unboxing videos again with my blog posts so that everything is documented.

First up is the January Lip Factory Inc box, this is still one of my favorite subscription services and they keep surprising me each and every month with their boxes. 

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