Monday, 30 July 2012

OPI's real expensive nail polish!

Hi dolls,

OPI announced that they would be doing a James Bond collection in honour of James Bond 50th anniversary. And now it was revealed that one of the polishes is really special. It contains 18k gold leaf and is actually packaged in a nice shiny gold bottle. 

The nail polish is kinda like a top coat like the shatter polishes but gives a much nicer effect. I have seen photo of it and it is so pretty. Now you might wonder what the nail polish would be called? It is called ''The Man With The Golden Gun'' a very fitting name for the polish. 

The price however is a bit pricey. I think this polish will be retailing for around 30 US dollars and around 25 euros. Yes I know very pricey, but then again 18k gold is not cheap either so.

Would you buy it?

Music Monday: Cheryl - Under The Sun

Hi dolls,

How are you all today? It is a new week which means a new music of movie recommendation from me. And as you can see from the title it is a music Monday!

I picked Cheryl's latest single which comes out sometime in September but her music video got released the other day. I do have to say it is pretty catchy and a bit different from her other singles that she has released in the past. 

Also I love Cheryl for her fashion style and her makeup which a tutorial for her makeup look in this video will be up soon when I feel slightly better.

In this video it has a retro theme, which is pretty nice. I love how they thought of all the details with the cars and stuff.

Enjoy the vid!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Collective Haul July

Hi dolls,

I actually filmed this last week but because of all the other videos I thought I would upload it today also because I have not been feeling too well today and therefore even though I was planning to film a tutorial. I unfortunately won't be able to. Because no one wants to see me like a mess, not a pretty look.

Anyhow it is a collective haul from stuff that I bought over the past 2 weeks or so. 


Collective July Haul 2012 with Lush, MAC & more

Friday, 27 July 2012

Truly Yours Box July 2012 Unboxing

Hi dolls,

I have been waiting patiently for this box to arrive. I saw on facebook a lot of people already got theirs in the morning. Mine arrive late afternoon, at least it arrived today. 

Anyways, I did my usual unboxing video of it. Truly Yours is a monthly subscription box, which costs € 12.95 per month and you usually get 5 deluxe size samples (usually there is 1 or 2 full size products in there). You can cancel your subscription any time you want. to get your own Truly Yours (Dutch people only unfortunately)

Here is my Truly Yours Box July 2012 Unboxing video. Enjoy!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

The OPI Just Spotted CRAZE!

Hi dolls,

I was reading the other day about a nail polish... And you might wonder why I would be just reading an entire article about 1 nail polish... This OPI polish has marked something really crazy! You might know which one I am talking about. It is the Just Spotted from the Spiderman collection from OPI. This nail polish was sold through a limited amount of stores only and only in a few countries. But now it has taken over Ebay, this nail polish retails for over 5 times it's normal retail value!!! I know crazy right?! 

I mean I have a love for nailpolish but would you go as far as 50 dollars for just 1 nail polish? I put down an image of the nail polish. It is really pretty and it is pretty unusual. But considering how popular it is, all we have to do is wait for more of these special nailpolishes to come out. I know other brands will follow. 

So you wonder what this nail polish does? Well the nail polish itself has like a dual/triple tone color in it but then it also gives a spotted effect within the nail polish after you have applied it. Pretty cool... If I ever find this nail polish in Sephora, you bet there will be swatches of this.

Taylor Swift Teen Choice Awards 2012 Make Up Tutorial

Hi dolls,

I finally managed to film a make up tutorial again. I was watching the Teen Choice Awards the other day and loved Taylor Swift's make up look and I thought it would be fun to recreat that look for all of you. I hope you enjoy and please like the video if you want to see more tutorials and leave me a comment if you have a request or let me know what you think. Subscribe to my channel if you have not done so.

Please follow my blog and share with your friends. I need more followers on my blog :-) Thank you all for your support it means a lot to me.


Monday, 23 July 2012

Primark Haul!!

Hi dolls,

I know this is like my 3rd post today! But I am really overflowing you guys with like my videos. Hope you guys don't mind lol.

Anyways, when I went for my Cosmopolitan lunch (the vlog of it can be found here) I decided to go pay a visit to Primark. One of my favorite stores when I lived in the UK because it is cheap and sometimes you find great stuff. But the only downside is that everyone looks the same! Because Primark is everywhere. In Holland however there are only 3 Primarks, and they are all in the west of the country and I live in east. So the chance of me going to Primark just for shopping is really small. So when I was near one (same city) I had to go pay a visit!

I will stop talking and just let you get to the video. Primark Haul Video

Music Monday: Katy Perry - California Gurls

Hi dolls,

Because today is actually a summer day in Holland, I choose a golden oldie Katy Perry - California Gurls. I love that song, I listen to it every summer, and it does not get old at least not to me anyways.

The video is just so fun, and happy and summery and everything! lol

So yeah today is actually a summer day in Holland, which I almost gave up hope that we would get a summer. But good news, this week is going to be a lovely summery week according to the weather forecast. So I am hopeful that we will get a glimpse of summer.

Anyways on to the video;

Maybelline Color Tattoo Review

Hi dolls,

I thought I would actually make a blog post about this instead of a video review like I have been doing the past week. So finally a content post! lol, I have been neglecting my blog a little bit. Just because I have my dad's camera to play with for my YouTube videos and it films in HD which I have been obsessed with. 

Anyways, I bought these a couple of weeks ago. They were on offer for 2 for 15 euros (normally they are 9.95 or 9.99 a piece) so I thought I would pick two of them up. As everyone has been raving about them so much, I wanted to find out what the hype was all about. I am talking about the Maybelline 24 hour Color Tattoos.

The color tattoos color range in Holland is pretty limited, I have found 4 different colors so far (correction I actually saw 6 today) and I have of 2 of them. 

I bought 35 On and on Bronze;

and 05 Eternal Gold;

The other 2 colors are a blue/teal and a white color. The blue/teal color was pretty but I didn't think I would get a lot of use out of it. And the white, I have my NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk so didn't think it was necessary to own the white.

I picked out the two more neutral colors as you can say. You can wear them on their own or as an eyeshadow base to make your eyeshadow stand out even more. I use them as a base, because I don't really like cream eyeshadows and usually cream eyeshadows don't like me because it just gets everywhere during the day and it starts to crease, all in all not a good look for me. These two are great as an eyeshadow base, it really does make a difference when I apply eyeshadow over it. 

These are the swatches of both of the color tattoos;
*With Flash*

*Without Flash*

They are nicely pigmented and very creamy. And also a lot of shimmer, if you are not the shimmer type of person then you might not like this very much. 

I love the packaging, you can store it upside down and see the colors. ( I have seen a lot beauty gurus store them that way) Or you can store them with the lid upwards the label with the color is on the lid, so you can tell right away which is which. The glass container is quite heavy, so no cheap packaging. When I bought it, it was entirely sealed which I like when buying makeup. So I know no one else has touched it (bit of germ-a-fobe). 

The downside of the Maybelline Color Tattoos, are that I do not know if they last a full 24 hours because I have not tried. And I don't wear makeup in my sleep. I would not recommend having makeup on your face for 24 hours anyways. 

Also they kind of smudge, when they are on their own. Because I did my swatches and waited for about half an hour and then tried to smudge it by going over it with my finger and basically the glitter went all over my hand. So kind of need to be carreful with that, but I don't think any of us would go over our eyelids after we've done our makeup anyways. 
I took a picture of it and you can tell that the glitter is everywhere, especially from the 05 Eternal Gold, not so much from the 35 On- and on Bronze shadow.

So how do I apply this shadow? I use my finger to apply this on my lid and just blend it out basically and then apply my usual eyeshadow. If you want to use a brush, I would recommend one of those flat eyeshadow brushes (kind of like a concealer brush) because then you can brush it on, and be precise with it. Because it is a bit of pain to get it off. I used facewipes to wipe off the swatches and there is still glitter and shimmer on my hand.

I will definitely be doing a tutorial featuring the Maybelline Color Tattoo, so watch out for that. Also let me know if you have any experience with this product? Or what other product would you like me to review? What kind of tutorial would you like to see? 

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Truly Yours June 2012 Review

Hi dolls,

I have been slacking lately on my blog I know. Once again I have posted a review video about the Truly Yours Box June 2012. I decided that maybe the review videos have more of an audience than my posts. This way it kinda works for me, my Youtube subscribers have things to watch and you guys can just click and go directly to my Youtube video.

Watch the review video here; Truly Yours June 2012 Review
Watch the unboxing video here; Truly Yours June 2012 Unboxing

Products Value;
1; Toni & Guy - Sea Salt Texturising Spray (€ 4.87) 75ml sample size (full size is 200 ml € 12.99)

2; Roc - Soleil Protexion Lipbalm (€ 7.95) 3gram full size

3; Organix - Cherry Blossom Ginseng Shampoo (€ 1.55) 60ml sample size (full size is 385ml € 9.95)

4; Organix - Cherry Blossom Ginseng Conditioner (€ 1.55) 60ml sample size (full size is 385ml € 9.95)

5; Planter's - Perfect Eyes Mascara in Black (€ 15.90) full size

Extra; Calvin Klein - Sheer Beauty (free sample)

Total Box Value is € 31.82

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Saturday Shopping OOTD Collab with TheMakeupChair

Hi dolls,

As you can see from the title it is a Saturday shopping themed Outfit of the Day. TheMakeupChair is an Irish beauty guru on YouTube and I love watching her videos because her accent reminds me of some of my girlfriends from Ireland. So I was a fan right away. 

Go and watch my OOTD video; Saturday Shopping OOTD

And TheMakeupChair OOTD video; OOTD Video

Enjoy! If you like me doing more of these outfits of the day just let me know in the comments. :-)

Friday, 20 July 2012

Glossy Box July 2012 Unboxing ''Holiday Edition''

Hi dolls,

I actually uploaded this yesterday but I totally forgot to make a post about it on here.

Anyhow I received my Glossy Box yesterday and did an unboxing video yesterday as well. I have to say I am much happier with the Glossy Box this month than last month.

Here is the video; Glossy Box July 2012 Unboxing Enjoy!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Cosmo Lunch Vlog

Hi dolls,

Just a quick post letting you know that I went to my Cosmopolitan Lunch yesterday and I made a vlog about it when I got home. And I also showed what I got in my Goodie bag!

Anyways enjoy! Watch it here; Cosmopolitan Lunch Vlog

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

What's In My Bag?

Hi dolls!

I always love watching people's what's in my bag videos because I am curious what other people carry with them. Especially because I feel like I carry a ton of products with me every time. And those videos always make me feel better lol.

Anyhow I hope you guys like this video and let me know what you think is essential in your bag? 

Monday, 16 July 2012

ASOS Discount Code

Hi dolls,

I have a discount code for you guys from ASOS! How exciting! It is 10% off everything including their sale!

It is valid until 9am BST Monday 23rd July 2012. The code is 10SALE so go get you some goodies! Let me know what you guys are buying. I love watching hauls.

Happy Shopping! 

Movie Monday

Hi dolls,

Today not a music monday but a movie monday. And I don't have a new movie for you but a movie I have loved for years now. And I usually pull this movie out for the summer.

And it is the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, I just love this movie. I have the double dvd box with the first and the second movie but the first is my favorite. It just captures the essence of friendship, even though all the girls are all so different they compliment each other in the movie. This movie has some amazing actresses, Alexis Bledel, America Ferrera, Amber Tamblyn and Blake Lively play the title characters. The second movie I was not in total love with because it got adapted too much to the ''Hollywood'' scene, which kinda ruined the movie and the story line. 

Anyways check out the trailer;

Let me know what your favorite movie is that you usually watch every summer. Or just your favorite movie at the moment.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Glossy Box June 2012 Review

Hi dolls,

Today I have decided to do my review a different way than normal. And I have chosen to review all of the products in a video rather than typing it all out in a blog post. Let me know which method you guys prefer.

Watch the review video here; Glossy Box June 2012 Review
And the unboxing video here; Glossy Box June 2012 Unboxing

Products Value;
1; Tony & Guy - Sea Salt Texturising Spray (€ 4.87) 75ml sample size (full size is 200ml €12.99)

2; Yves Rocher - Sexy Pulp Lipgloss in 01 Corail (€15.50)  10ml full size

3; Biotherm - Lait Solaire Sunscreen (€4.05) 30ml (full size is 200ml €27.00)

4; Golden Care – Hand & Foot Peeling Menthol (€4.95) 50ml full size

5; Herome – toe separators (€2.50) full size

Total box value is €31.87

Vlog + Exciting News!

Hi dolls,

Sorry for my lack of posts the past couple of days but I have some very exciting news and you can go check it out my vlog + exciting news video! 

I hope you guys like it and let me know what you think! I will do some more posts tomorrow!

Good night xoxox

Friday, 13 July 2012

Haul video!

Hi dolls!

As some of you might know, I went shopping last saturday with my parents and bought a few bits and pieces. So I finally managed to make a video and upload it. I apologize for the sound in the beginning of the video, I taped this when everyone was sleeping lol and I thought I would disturb then but then realized everyone was fast asleep so I started to just talk normal lol.

Anyhow here is Haul Video enjoy! And let me know which products you would like to see a review of.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Sakura Soap Giveway Winner

Hi dolls,

The winner for the Sakura Soap Giveaway is drawn and I did that through and the winner is Violina2! Congratulations to the winner.

I will be having another giveaway soon so stay tuned for that.

Love you all!


Catrice Cucuba Limited Edition

Hi dolls,

I have some exciting news for you all. Catrice is bringing out a new limited edition line named ''Cucuba'' which is inspired by the Havana and the Cuban culture. Amazing for summer, it will be available in stores mid August till mid September. I wish they would bring this collection out a month or two earlier so it would actually be in time for summer because mid August means summer is almost over.

Now onto the collection;

Loose Eyeshadows € 2,99
C01 Sunny Side
C02 Reggaeton
C03 Salsa Cubana
C04 Havana Drum

C05 Take It Mint

 Liquid Shimmer Eyeliner € 2,99
C01 Take It Mint

C02 Reggaeton

Soft Lip Color € 3,99
C01 Salsa Cubana

C02 Be All Smiles

Bronzing Powder € 4,49
C01 Brown

Ultimate Nail Laquer € 2,49
C01 Sunny Side

C02 Reggaeton
C03 Salsa Cubana

C04 Havana Drum

C05 Take It Mint

That was the entire collection, what do you think of the collection? Which items do you want to buy? I might pick up salsa cubana, havana drum and the take it mint nail polish. I am not too fond of loose eyeshadows (because of all the fall out) and maybe I will buy the bronzer as well. Let me know what you think?

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Getting Creative Sample Box Edition

Hi dolls,

Yesterday I was looking at my pile of empty boxes from my Truly Yours subscription and thought I could make my own little organization storage set with these empty boxes. And this is the result of it.

Last photo I took with the flash on.

I stored a couple of things in it, like my back up mascaras, some makeup sponges, fake lashes. I could only store light weight things in it otherwise the drawers would not pull in and out as easy. 

Let me know what you do with your empty boxes or share your own creative ideas.

Catrice Product Discontinues

Hi dolls,

Catrice is discontinuing some of their products and thought you might want to know. So you can either stock up on your favorite product or run to the store and see if you can get it at a discounted price.

For people who don't know Catrice, Catrice is a cosmetics brand which is drugstore and is basically the older sister of Essence and also a bit more expensive I have to add. Although it is still fairly affordable and sometimes they have amazing products.

So for the discontinued products, they are making way for new products for the fall 2012 collection which will be available in the drugstores (Kruidvat and Trekpleister) in August. I will make a separate post about the new products in the next couple of days maybe tomorrow. 

Ok so the following Absolute Eye Color Mono eyeshadows will be discontinued;
- 110 
- 130 
- 270
- 280
- 320
- 360
- 390
- 510
Gel Eyeliners;
- 030
- 040
Made To Stay Eyeshadow;
- 010
- 030
Kohl Kajal (pencil liner);
- 050
- 080
- 090
Precision Eye Pencil;
- 030
- 050
Medium Resist Mascara in 010
Lash Plus Lash Growth Mascara in 010 and the Lash Plus Lash Growth Serum (this is a mouthful)
Lip Appeal Moisture & Shine Lip Gloss in 040 and 060
Color Show - Color & Stay Lip Gloss;
- 010
- 020
- 030
- 060
- 080
- 090
- 120
- 130
- 140
Ultimate Shine Lip Color;
- 060
- 110
- 160
Ultimate Color Lip Color in 100 and 150
Perfect Resist Make Up 010 and 030
Infinite Matt Make Up in 040
Skin Finish Powder in 040
Defining Duo Blush;
- 010
- 020
- 030
- 060
Multi Color Blush in 010 and 040
Mousse Make Up in 010 and 050
Also a bunch of nail colors which I am not going to list unless people want me to do so? Also if you want I can add pictures of the mentioned products if needed, let me know in the comments.

Any favorites of yours that is in this list? Please let me know, maybe I will pick that one up before it is discontinued.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Music Monday: Katie Sky - Paradise

Hi dolls,

I cannot believe another week has passed already and it is time for my monday segment. This week again I have chosen for Music Monday, I have been listening to a lot of music lately and not been watching that many movies.

I discovered Katie Sky's music through some of the YouTubers that I watch and they featured her music in their videos. And I just loved it! So catchy and perfect for a nice summer day. 

I especially love her song Paradise, I think it is the perfect summer tune. I think this will be my summer soundtrack of 2012 to be honest. 

Katie Sky is a british singer/songwriter and her voice is absolutely amazing! Anyways check out her website where you can listen to her EP and also purchase it. 

Go check out the song ''Paradise'' in this video down below, and I hope you like it as much as I do!

Let me know what your Summer 2012 soundtrack will be?

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sunday Night Pamper Night

Hi dolls,

So on Sundays I love to relax and pamper myself a little bit with a nice face mask/foot bath or a lil manicure. I thought it would be nice to let you know what I do for my sunday foot bath.

I try to do this foot bath on a weekly base but sometimes I am too lazy or just completely forget because I have 10 million things on my mind. A foot bath is a great way to let your feet relax, after all your feet take the most beating from your entire body. It takes your entire body weight, it keeps your balance and in the winter they are closed off in shoes and socks all day every day. 

Step 1. I usually fill a small tub with hot water from the tap. You can also boil hot water and mix it with cold water from the tap. Just be careful you don't burn yourself! Make sure the water is hot not just warm because the water cools off really fast.
Step 2. I like to add some bath salt in the water. I don't have a bath tub and this way my bath salt will have a use for something. It makes my feet soft and it smells nice! (If you don't have bath salt, you can put in some scent oil of your choice to make it smell good.) Or if you have a bar of soap, cut off a small piece and put it in the water. The water will smell good and because you are letting your feet soak it will make your feet soft.
Extra step. You can also use a foot scrub after the soak, to make your feet even softer and rinse that off.
Step 3. Let your feet soak for about 10-15 min, depending how long the water stays hot or how long you feel like it. Don't forget to put a towel in your reach because you don't want to get up and walk around the house with wet feet looking for a towel!
Step 4. After those 10-15 min. I take my feet out dry your feet with the towel and leave them to air dry for a couple of more minutes until you think they are ready for a good foot file to get rid of the dead skin that accumulates on your feet. (No need to do this every just when you think it is necessary)
Step 5. Either after the soak or after the foot file, make sure you moisturize your feet with a good thick moisturizer. I either use a body butter or moisturizer for dry skin, just be careful you don't start walking around straight after applying you could slip and hurt yourself. So let your feet take in the moisturizer. 

Of course you can give yourself a pedicure after a nice foot bath or relax some more put your feet up and enjoy a movie or something on TV or just listening to some music or reading a book/magazine.

Hope you liked this post. Let me know what you guys do on your sunday nights

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Boohoo, I fell and hurt myself.... :'-(

Hi dolls,

I cannot believe this but I basically fell flat on my knees and hands and now they hurt so much! I cannot believe this happened. I wanted to do a video to show you what I bought today, as I went shopping a little bit and the other day as well. But I can barely type with this and also there is no way I can do swatches. My head just felt so light and I couldn't concentrate, I think I have low blood sugar or something like that. Because my mom gave me a piece of candy and I felt better right away. Lets just hope my hands feel better tomorrow and maybe I can record a video then. 

I will not go on about the pain I am in. But I went to Sephora today and bought a couple of things in their sale. OMG I love Sephora!!! I just wish they had a store near me, this store is an hour drive away... (That is really far in Holland because if you go from North to South in Holland it will be a 3 hour drive. 

Anyhow I won't go on for much longer, if you have not entered my giveaway. Go do it because it will end on the 10th of July Sakura Soap Giveaway

Love you dollies! xoxox Ellen

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Mac Cosmetics NL free shipping

Hi dolls,

Just a quick post, saying that the dutch MAC website is now offering free shipping for the next 3 days with any purchase starting today! Also their latest collection the Heavenly Creatures collection is now available online for purchase.

Here is a link to their website

Happy Shopping!

Awkward Season 2

Hi dolls,

as some of you might know the TV show Awkward is my latest obsession and last week was the premiere of season 2. I am so excited, I just wish the episode would last an hour instead of just half an hour (this is with all the commercials). 

Anyways I want to know if you guys watch and if you do watch are you Team Matty or Team Jake?

I don't know, I mean Jake has been nice and open about everything since the beginning and Matty is just perfect for Jenna but the only thing is that he has commitment issues, and it seems like he is embarrassed for some reason. But we will see what happens this season, I am so excited!

I would pick Matty just for the abs! lol (picture taken from the web)

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Sleek Oh So Special Palette (swatches + review)

Hi dolls,

as you might have seen in my collective haul video I mentioned this product if you have not seen my haul video go to my channel and whilst you are there. Don't forget to subscribe if you have not subscribed already.

Anyways on to the product, it is the Sleek Oh So Special eyeshadow palette. It contains 12 eyeshadows and the colors are absolutely gorgeous! 

I love the packaging it just looks so sleek! lol, It is nice and compact and it has a good size mirror in it. the size of the palette itself. It comes with a double ended sponge tip applicator, which I don't use because I prefer using my brushes, but I think it would be great for traveling. 

Ok so the colors are from top row, left to right; Bow, Organza, Ribbon, Gift Basket, Glitz and Celebrate.
Bottom row from left to right; Pamper, Gateau, The Mail, Boxed, Wrapped Up and Noir.

I do have to say when I first received this palette I was disappointed about the size, I expected it to be bigger but that might just be because of the pictures that were posted online. The palette is about the size of my hand. The shadows weigh 1.1 gram each or 0.03 ounces. 

Now the swatches,

From left to right; Bow, Organza, Ribbon, Gift Basket, Glitz and Celebrate.
Bow: this is a neutral beige color, which does not show up at all! I put like 5 layers on my skin in the hope it would show up a little bit but it doesn't at all. So this color is no use for me. It is very light and basically my skin tone color.
Organza: This is an absolute gorgeous rose color with gold shimmer in it. It looks so nice when I swatched it, in some lights it looks a bit dark rose and then when you turn a little bit the gold shines through. I just love this color.
Ribbon: This looks like such a pretty color in the palette, but I find it very powdery and pink toned coral color. I don't like how powdery it is maybe I should use it wet instead of dry. I don't think I will use it as an eyeshadow because it looks a bit odd on me but I think it will look pretty as a light blush.
Gift Basket: A very nice gold toned brown, I think this can work great for a bronze look or even for fall.
Glitz: Nice shimmery blue color, which I probably won't use for the summer because it is a bit too dark for my liking for the summer. But definitely I will use it in the fall/winter time. 
Celebrate: You can't tell from the photos I put up but it is a nice shimmery dark purple with a slight pink tone in it. I think this will make gorgeous smokey eyes without the classic black smokey look.

Now for the bottom row swatches from left to right; Pamper, Gateau, The Mail, Boxed, Wrapped Up and Noir.
Pamper: This eyeshadow has the same powdery feel like the Ribbon color so I am not crazy about the consistency. But it is a nice soft peachy pink color, which once again does not look nice on my eyes. So I have not decided if I will be able to use this color for anything. Maybe for blush again?
Gateau: I love this eyeshadow color. It is a nice gold with slight purple mixed in it. Which makes it more gold tone but occasionally the purple shines through. I just love this color.
The Mail: I like to call this color a light mud color, it really reminds me of muddy color. It is a matt color but this is a bit close to tan colors so on some skin tones it won't show up like the Bow color.
Boxed: This is a nice matt dark mud color, so it is brown. I think this can work great for like filling in brows or as a crease color. 
Wrapped Up: This is a nice matt mauve color which I think will work great for the crease combining it with Gift Basket.
Noir: This is your average black matt eyeshadow, which I think will be great for blending or lining your lower lash line. Because if it is too dark you can just blend it away. 

So overall the eyeshadows are great, except for a few that I find very powdery. The consistency is nice and soft, they are mineral shadows. I will be using the lighter for summer and the somewhat darker colors for fall.

If you have this palette, let me know what you think. What do you think I should buy next from Sleek? And if you would like any tutorials using this palette let me know in the comments. I would love to hear some feed back. 

If you like to check out the oh so special palette on the Sleek website check here.

FTC. I bought this palette with my own money and opinions are my own.

E.L.F. (Eyes Lips Face) Discount Code NL

Hi dolls,

I have found a discount code for all you Dutch ELF fans out there. Even though I subscribed to their newsletter I never get any! I have subscribed with 2 different emails and I don't get any of them. Really annoying!

Anyways for the discount code ''SOLDESYEUX'' and you should get 20% off your eye make up. And they have a small sale going on their website as well so check that out. I unfortunately did not find anything that I really want especially because shipping is € 6,95!!! Too damn expensive! The products are already more expensive than the US and more limited and we never get any of the nice offers but shipping costs way too much! It just puts me off from ordering anything. Anyways I hope you guys have more luck finding something you like.

Happy Shopping!

oh yeah the website is and the code is valid till 5th of July

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Soley Graedir Review

Hi dolls, 

I am back with review for all of you. I have won this product in a giveaway by Truly Yours and I thought it would be fun to do a review on it as it is a relatively unknown brand and product.

I am talking about the Sóley GRÆÐIR healing cream, I was excited to try this out because I have a small problem with eczema on my skin so I hoped this would work. And to find out if it did check out my Soley Graedir Review video.

Also don't forget to enter my Sakura Soap Giveaway if you have not entered already.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Music Monday

Hi dolls,

It is Monday the start of a new week. And I am going to be starting this week with Music Monday, you probably have been listening to this as much as I do. I have been listening to this all of last week, and it is so catchy and it just sticks in your head and I love the lyrics.

I am talking about the lovely Katy Perry with her single ''Wide Awake''. To be honest I am actually been wanting to check out her movie as well, I normally kind of hate those celebrities documentaries about their tours and stuff especially with those big releases just because it is all so staged and they want to make some extra money. But I kinda want to see the Katy Perry one because in the promos it is shown her true self without all the make-up etc. Also she lets you in on the news of her divorce, I know a lot of celebrities would have stayed as far away from that footage as possible. Anyways I will stop rambling and let you enjoy the video which currently has 21 million views already. 

I love her end make-up look should I do a tutorial on that? I don't want to do a tutorial on her darker look because so many have done that already.

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Euro 2012 is officially over

Hi dolls,

This might not interest you but Euro 2012 is officially over the last game was played tonight between Italy and Spain and Spain won 4-0 which was not expected. But Italy really did not have any luck tonight. 

This also means for me that I have my evenings back so I can blog and vlog even more if that is even possible. Actually I think I can spend more time vlogging and reviewing products for all you. I have a bunch of products that I showed you guys in my latest collective haul video so I can do reviews on those things. So expect a bunch of blog posts filled with photos of swatches etc and me ranting on about a product lol. Of course all those soaps and other goodies I got from Sakura that will probably divided into multiple posts. 

Nighty night don't let the bed bugs bite! xoxox E.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

New Month New Sigma Discount Code

Hi dolls,

It is July already I can't believe it but the months seem to be flying by in a blink of an eye. Of course with every new month means that a new Sigma Beauty discount code, this month's discount code is ''AP2012'' as usual you will get 10% off your purchase and you get a gift when you spend $ 30.- or more.

So go ahead and click on the image I linked here, and you should be directed to the website to start shopping :-)

Sigma Brushes

Happy Shopping!
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