Monday, 23 July 2012

Primark Haul!!

Hi dolls,

I know this is like my 3rd post today! But I am really overflowing you guys with like my videos. Hope you guys don't mind lol.

Anyways, when I went for my Cosmopolitan lunch (the vlog of it can be found here) I decided to go pay a visit to Primark. One of my favorite stores when I lived in the UK because it is cheap and sometimes you find great stuff. But the only downside is that everyone looks the same! Because Primark is everywhere. In Holland however there are only 3 Primarks, and they are all in the west of the country and I live in east. So the chance of me going to Primark just for shopping is really small. So when I was near one (same city) I had to go pay a visit!

I will stop talking and just let you get to the video. Primark Haul Video

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