Saturday, 30 June 2012

June Favorites Time!!!

Hi dolls,

Finally I have uploaded my June Favorites video on YouTube, it took me long enough... Anyways I hope you enjoy and let me know what your June favorites are. June 2012 Favorites

Also don't forget to enter the giveaway! Giveaway! (Open Internationally)

Enjoy & Good Luck! xoxox

Has it actually started to look like summer?

Hi dolls,

For the past couple of days the sun has been out and the temperature is actually nice and I can finally wear some of my summer clothes. It took Holland long enough to catch up! 

It is the end of the month, which means a June favorites video is coming up. I am currently still in the process of editing. But it should be online soon. 

Also it was my younger brother's high school graduation the other day and officially everyone in my family has graduated from high school. Hurrayy!!! I did not attend because, he could only have two guests so my parents went along and me and my other brother stayed home.... 

Anyways I will post a blogpost once the June favorites video will be up.

Friday, 29 June 2012

New OPI Neon Polishes

Hi dolls,

OPI has followed with the Neon Craze that has been going this summer. And they have released a cute all in one neon mini pack so you don't have to worry about only choosing one neon color you will get 4 colors!

I am a fan of these mini packs because you don't have to spend money on just a full size which I have never finished anyways. And especially for the limited edition ones, they are usually on-trend for like one season anyways so for me there is no point into buying all the colors full size and full price. 

Credit to OPI NL for letting me use this image

But I do have to say these neon colors look so fun to play with! Except maybe the purple, don't know if that is a real neon color.

The collection is called ''Outrageous Neons'' and you will get the following polishes.

First you will get a special Neon White Base, which you apply so your color will pop out even more and you also get a top coat so your nails look NEON for longer.

The first color is called ''Ridiculously Yellow'' which is a bright yellow color as the name implies.
The second color is called ''Formidably Orange'' which is a bright orange color. (This color would have been great if Holland would still be in the Eurocup 2012)
The third color is called ''Riotously Pink'' which is a bright pink color.
The fourth color is called ''Seriously purple'' I have to say it looks kinda dark to me. But maybe when you apply it won't look so dark.

These colors will be available from now on so go get you some if you have been eying up some of these neon color polishes.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Sakura Soap Giveaway

Hi dolls, 

As I previously mentioned I am doing a small Sakura Zeep giveaway. Which is open internationally. So anyone can enter. Please do read the rules first :-)

Sakura Zeep Haul (Soap)

Hi dolls, 

As promised I would do a haul video of what I got at Sakura Zeep, which is a Dutch soap web shop. They have the cutest soaps I have seen! I basically want everything!

Go on and check out my haul Sakura Zeep Haul video. Of course don't forget to enter the giveaway which will be in a separate video that I will upload next and do a separate post on too...

Go to for your own soaps and goodies. Use the code ''ellenyu'' for 10% off your purchase!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

My May Glossy Box & Truly Yours Box Favorites

Hi dolls,

I wanted to introduce to you all a new segment that will present my pick for favorites from last month's subscription boxes. As you know, I am subscribed to Glossy Box and Truly Yours Box and I thought I would pick my favorite product each month of each box.

Starting off with the May boxes. I filmed a video about it and put it on YouTube which you can watch here. Let me know what you think and if I should continue... I would love to get some feedback. For my June boxes check out my YouTube channel because the unboxing videos are on there.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

My ASOS Sale Wish List

Hi dolls,

As I mentioned yesterday the ASOS sale is on. And although I am not allowed from myself to spend any money right now. I still made a wish list of all the items that I want. All of the items mentioned will be under the 20 euros mark because I like a bargain and lets say if your budget is 100 euros you can buy multiple items. And some of the items will only be on-trend for just one season and I personally believe it would be a waste of money to spend too much.

Monday, 25 June 2012

ASOS Sale!

Hi dolls,

As you all probably have noticed, the sales have started almost everywhere. Although some of the sales are not worth checking out yet (meaning only 30% off sales) some of the sales already have 50% or even 70% off. But now ASOS have marked down some of their sale items a bit further to 50% and I have to say there are some nice pieces here and there. I need to go take a browse and be very careful with what I buy, because I do need to save up some money... (always there is some kind of distraction)

So go to and check out the sale. I will do a post with some of my wanted items in the next couple of days. So happy shopping!

New segment

Hi dolls,

Today I want to introduce and re-introduce a segment just for mondays. I want to call Movie Monday and Music Monday. Each monday I will do one of these segments, just to put some more variety into my blog because it has been focused on beauty a little too much lately. Although it has attracted more visitors to my blog I still want to blog about what I find interesting instead of just focusing on beauty which is not only time consuming but also very expensive especially when it comes to trying out new products. Of course you will still get the beauty posts but weekly there will be more variety. 

So to start off, I will be doing a Movie Monday. This movie was marketed to be amazing and there were sequels planned before it even came out in theaters. I am talking about the movie ''John Carter'' I watched this the other day and I have to say the concept and the idea is good and I understand why the books can be very popular. But it is one of those movies that when you have not read the book, you are basically clueless for the first half of the movie and by the time everything clicks the movie is almost over. 

I think overall the concept of John Carter is good but the execution could be much better and I expect better from a Disney movie. It could potentially be a TV series, because there is so much to tell. But as a movie I would not recommend it. 

So basically Mondays will be either Movie Monday which will be reviews of the latest movies I watched or Music Monday where I share my latest music obsession.  

Sunday, 24 June 2012


Hi dolls,

Today I have an exclusive for you guys. I mentioned in a previous post the web shop ''Sakura Zeep'', which is a soap web shop, much like the famous ''Lush''. Sakura Zeep, makes hand made soap and other things that basically made to order. Which probably takes an extra couple days but then again you do receive a specially made for you soap. They have soaps which you can customize to your liking. You can choose the scents, the colors it is amazing! I keep going to their webshop and just looking at everything which just looks so yum!! As you know I placed an order and I am currently waiting for my order to arrive, I placed it on Friday so probably will be getting it on Tuesday or Wednesday. Because I placed it during the weekend. 

Their customer service is amazing, you can ask anything through twitter or just emailing. They respond super fast. Once you have placed the order you receive a confirmation and if your order can go through normal mail, they send you an email asking whether you want it by normal post mail or package mail because normal post mail is half the price. So that is amazing, some web shops basically don't care and will just send it by package or even normal mail but still charge you the package mail price. 

So yeah for the exclusive, with every order you place with the code ''ellenyu'' you will receive a 10% off your order. This only applies to your order without shipping but shipping is pretty cheap considering they are shipping soap and that is pretty heavy. Go to the webshop and just browse around, I do have to warn you. You will not leave the webshop without ordering anything lol. 

Of course once my order is in, I will be doing a haul video and review. 

I do have to say they currently only offer shipping to Belgium and the Netherlands, but you can always ask them if they can ship to your country and how much it will costs. You can send them an email on this email address; or you can tweet them @SakuraZeep

Happy Shopping! Don't forget to use the ''ellenyu'' discount code for your 10% off! 

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Truly Yours June 2012 Unboxing

Hi dolls,

Once again there is another box to unbox this month. I was scared I would not get this box today because I received my track & trace email pretty late yesterday evening. So I thought, I have to wait until Tuesday because they don't deliver on Monday. But I was very excited when the doorbell rang and I saw the box with the cute Truly Yours sticker on it. 

For the dutchies out there that still need to receive this box don't continue but if you want to know what you will be getting please do continue...

Friday, 22 June 2012

Latest webshop find

Hi dolls,

I just wanted to share with you all my latest webshop find that I am absolutely in love with. It is the ''Sakura Zeep'' shop, this is such a cutesy soap webshop. I just love it! Unfortunately this webshop is currently only open for Dutch and Belgium shoppers but if your Dutch is good enough you can still have a browse. They have the cutest soaps. And they are all made to order. 

taken from sakura website

To go to the website go to

I have ordered 2 extra little soaps to give away. Details will follow and it will be open for all my readers, so internationally. So stay tuned on my blog and on my YouTube channel as I will be announcing it there as well. 

ELF has 20% off their studio line

Hi dolls,

Just a quick post saying that ELF Cosmetics Dutch website is now having a rare 20% off on their studio line with the code; MUSIQUE

I do have to say the shipping is quite expensive so be careful with that. I think it is either 6 or 7 euro so if you are not planning on a bigger order it is not really worth it. I still think it is so unfair that the US website get such amazing offers and the Dutch site gets nothing basically! Or they announce it on their facebook, which obviously not everyone checks. They told me that I had to sign up for their newsletter but I did with 2 different emails and still no email! I did receive the confirmation email though, but I think more people have the same problem.... I just hope ELF fix it.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Glossy Box June 2012 Unboxing

Hi dolls,

It is another Glossy Box and this month the Glossy Box does not have a specific theme although it is obviously a summer theme. A lot of summer products. This is my second Glossy Box unboxing of my first Glossy Box can be found here.

For all you dutchies out there that get the box do not continue if you do not want to know what is inside the box. But if you are too curious then go ahead I can't stop you.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Lily Collins Inspired Snow White Make-Up Look

Hi dolls,

As was said in the previous post I recorded a make up tutorial inspired by Lily Collins in Mirror, Mirror. 

This is my first tutorial so please let me know what you think and don't forget to subscribe to my channel and like my video if you would like to see more tutorials.

continue to go to the video

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Mirror, Mirror

Hi dolls,

the other day, I was watching Mirror, Mirror one of the most recent Snow White fairy tale adaptions the other one being Snow White and the Huntsman. 

I have to say it was an alright movie. Its just a fun girly movie to watch when you have nothing to do or you are just having a girly night in. I have to say that the characters are just fun, Julia Roberts is a great actress and it is just fun to see her as the Evil Queen. But she is not a very dark evil queen like Charlize Theron is in the The Huntsman movie. I am waiting to watch that movie as well. But now back to Mirror, Mirror. 

Lily Collins makes a nice Snow White she is cute and adorable. And I really liked her make-up not too overly done. And still it is a wearable look. I have filmed a tutorial inspired of the Lily Collins Snow White look. So I will have to edit that and then upload it so hopefully it will be up soon.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Truly Yours Box May 2012 Review

Hi dolls,

I know I posted the review for my May Glossy box just over a week ago. And I was actually planning on posting the review for the Truly Yours box a couple days after but it got delayed. But here it is! The theme for the May box was ''Fun and Games''.

Collective Make Up Haul (June Edition)

Hi dolls,

As promised a couple of posts ago but I had some problems formatting and I wanted to upload this yesterday but it all didn't work. Such a hassle sometimes! But I have found a way and it is finally uploaded and available for you.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Bargain Find: Super cheap fake eyelashes!

Hi dolls,

I think I will start a new segment here on my blog called the ''Bargain Find'' basically, I will be posting posts about products that are really cheap that I have found either in stores or in web shops and I think you should go out and get you some!! lol 

Now for the very first bargain find.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Introducing: The Fashion Box

Hi dolls,

I finally managed to find some time to post my long awaited post about the Fashion Box the latest box in the monthly sample boxes craze!!!

Find out more about the Fashion Box....

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Don't hate me.....

Hi dolls,

I promised a post about the new Fashion Box but I did not have the time today. I had some errands to run in the afternoon and I thought I could squeeze a post in before the game Italy - Kroatia but that did not happen. I did however recorded a video so I will be uploading that tomorrow and definitely tomorrow the post about the latest in the beauty boxes craze will be posted. 

Upcoming Make-Up Haul Video

Hi dolls,

I just wanted to let you all know that today I received a couple of packages with make-up in them!!! Woohoo!!! So I am super excited and I cannot wait to show you guys. Some products are products that I have been dying to try out because it has been raved about on YouTube by all the gurus. So I am excited. 

Great news they are sending out the Glossy Box June edition next week!!! I am super excited about that, but it also means that the Truly Yours box should follow soon if not next week. It feels like my birthday and Christmas all in one! 

And of course, I am still waiting on my John Frieda Full Repair package that I won recently.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Sigma Beauty Discount Code!

Hi dolls,

You might have seen this code floating around for a while now. But I just had to sort some things out before I could make a post about this. And also I basically forgot lol.

The code is for a nice 10% off the brushes.

Blend Box is a SCAM!

Hi dolls,

I was so excited when there was going to be an all cosmetics monthly subscription box. And not only me, but a lot of the girls out there was too. So you could say we were all very excited when the Blend Box website launched and we could all order our first box. Well the website crashed as some of you might have known if you read my previous post about this. And then when I finally managed to get my hands on a box, they were still figuring out all the orders a week or two later. They still have not decided what was going on, and if people ordered double or whatever it was the case. 

But now, apparently we are all getting a refund (which all us have not seen even though it was announced over a week ago). I mean I don't get it. What the F went wrong? I mean Blend Box, I assume prepared the boxes and considered the amount of boxes. And now everyone is getting their money back?! They said on their twitter they had 5000 boxes in stock and now all those 5000 boxes are basically going to waste? I just don't get it. People who ordered successfully should just receive their boxes and then you can quite your company. I mean there is I think more hassle in refunding everyone then sending out those 5000 boxes. 

Anyways, I think this is absolutely ridiculous and we should get the box that we deserve because we have waited long enough and we went through enough trouble to get our hands on one of those boxes. And now we all just get a refund and be done with it. I think it is some BULLSHH...

Sunday, 10 June 2012

ASOS discount code!

Hi dolls,

Just a quick post letting you know there is another ASOS discount code out there. The discount is for a whopping 20% off!!

Please continue to see the code

Friday, 8 June 2012

Glossy Box May 2012 Review ''The Affordable Favorites Edition''

Hi dolls,

So today I have another review for you. This time no review video though because I can probably blab on and on about some of the products and this way I can contain myself and not go off topic.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

ELF 32 Eyeshadows Palette Review

Hi dolls,

it has been a while since I last did a proper update. I was sick yesterday and there has been a few things going on in my personal life that has been just insane!

So when there is a lack of updates, it is not because I have nothing to update about but it is because there is too much going on in my personal life. 

Anyhow, on to the update. I have an E.L.F. review video for you all...

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Giveaway announcement!

Hi dolls,

I will be doing a giveaway very soon! I received an email yesterday from John Frieda letting me know that I was one of their winners for the Full Repair packages and all the products from their line there will be two of each product in there. So I thought I would giveaway the extra products. How exciting!

Look out on my blog and my youtube channel for the giveaway and also follow me on Twitter because all the latest updates will be on there. 

As soon as I receive my package in the mail I will put up the giveaway. Thank you John Frieda!

Love and Beauty always

Monday, 4 June 2012

MTV Movie Awards tonight!

Hi dolls,

Tonight is the MTV Movie Awards, and I for one cannot wait. It must be one of my favorite award shows out there. Just because there are some more unique categories in there. The favorite villain, favorite fight scene, favorite kiss scene etc. I just love it!! And of course I like the mock scenes from the biggest movies of the year. I can't wait to see what the celebs will be wearing, I love to see what daring outfits they will be wearing this year. 

Will you be watching? And what award show is your favorite? Let me know...

Saturday, 2 June 2012

My TV obsession for the week

Hi dolls,

It has been a very slow week for me on the beauty front this week. And also on the fashion front it has been a while, I have decided however. To keep my fashion addiction to a minimum, but I think I will still keep you guys updated on my favorites. I will definitely will be having some updates on the beauty front next week. As reviews on my May Glossy Box that I received last week. Unboxing video of that can be found in an earlier post.

But my TV obsession for this week has been Ringer, a CW show with Sarah Michelle Gellar in the lead role. She plays a twin role where she obviously plays both of the twins and to be honest the cast of the show is amazing! The story lines however are a little bit rough. I am currently half way through the season and I am not just watching it because I want it to finish and want to know what the ending is like. Even though it is not my favorite I do have to call it an obsession because I have to watch it just so I know how it ends. 

I feel bad for the actors of the show but the show did not get a second season and will not get a renewal. I think this is fair, as the show started out ok, midway is pretty good and I think it will be going downhill again towards the end. I love Sarah Michelle Gellar, and it sucks that her show is ending like this. But I hope she will be either doing some movie roles or another TV show soon. 

Let me know what you all think of the show, or another recommendation of what I should watch next.
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