Friday, 8 June 2012

Glossy Box May 2012 Review ''The Affordable Favorites Edition''

Hi dolls,

So today I have another review for you. This time no review video though because I can probably blab on and on about some of the products and this way I can contain myself and not go off topic.

If you have watched my unboxing video if not watch here. There are a total of 6 products in my Glossy Box and it had the theme Affordable Favorites and there were 5 full size and 1 deluxe sample size in the box. 5 of the 6 items can be purchased in the drugstores in Holland. 

I will go by the Glossy Box card order.

So the first one was the Zoeva - Forever Eye Crayon in the color Cotton, not everyone who received the box got the same color. Mine was a white, I quite like this eye pencil. It went on smooth, it was nicely pigmented, and it lasted quite nicely. I have been wanting a white eye pencil so this was great and saved me of having to go out and buy one.

The second product in my box was the Garnier - Miracle Skin Perfector, it is a daily all in one BB cream. I have been wanting to test out some BB creams for some time so when I found this in my box I was quite happy until I saw the color. I received mine in Medium (beauty profile on Glossybox is why you got this shade) and when I swatched it on my hand (see unboxing video) it was really dark and I was shocked it turned out so dark. But I decided to try out on my face anyways and it didn't look too bad, it was a shade darker than my normal skin color but it was not noticeable. The texture is quite thick but I like it quite a lot. I will probably go out and buy this product once this runs out unless someone knows a better BB cream?

The third product in my box was the John Frieda - Full Repair Perfect Ends Deep Fusion, it is a hair serum that according to the box repairs your hair. I have to admit, I don't really use hair styling tools that much so, or even dye my hair so I cannot tell you whether this works or not because I used it and I saw no difference.   I am not that fond on the smell of the product either, it is not overpowering but I just don't like it that much.

The fourth product in my box was the Dr Van Der Hoog - Purity Cleansing Cloths, these are make up removal cloths. No parabs, no perfume and no colorings. They do what a good make up removal product should do it removes your make up as simple as that.

The fifth product in my box was the No-Ad - Aftersun Lotion in the Fresh Coconut scent. Ok so I did not get to try this product out because I have not been in the sun. But what I can say is that it smells absolutely gorgeous!! I love coconut smell and this smells so sweet and coconutty I just love it! If you don't like sweet smell I would recommend staying away from it. It goes fairly nicely and smooth, I just don't know if it works as an aftersun. 

The last but not least product is the Max Factor - Masterpiece Max High Volume & Definition Mascara, this was the only sample size in the entire box. I have not tried it because I am currently using my other mascaras (yes multiple) and I don't like to open mascara and use them once and they just sit for weeks/months on end to just gather dust and bacteria etc. So I am a bit OCD about that. But from what I have heard it is a quite nice products and it gives your lashes a nice volume.

Overall I am quite happy with my first Glossy Box and even though it is really really rare to have so many full size products I am quite happy with all the products. 

The products are worth;
1; Zoeva - Forever Eye Crayon (€4,50) 1.35gram/0.05oz Fullsize
2; Garnier - Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream (€9,99) 50ml Fullsize
3; John Frieda - Full Repair Perfect Ends Deep Infusion (€9,99) 50ml Fullsize
4; Dr Van Der Hoog - Purity Cleansing Cloths (€4,99) 20 cloths Fullsize 
5; No-Ad - Aftersun Lotion (€4,99) 100ml Fullsize
6; Max Facotr - Masterpiece Max High Volume & Definition Mascara (€11,77) 5,3ml sample size (fullsize is €15,99 and 7,2ml)

The total box was worth € 46,23 and the subscription is € 12,50 a month. And you can cancel anytime. I cannot wait for my next box!

If you like to sign up for your own Glossy Box go to the Glossy Box Website

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