Thursday, 31 January 2013

A small rant

Hi dolls,

I have been a little bit upset which is why I have not blogged in a couple of days. If you remember I have posted a review on a feather hair extension and have also done a giveaway that was sponsered by

Well I emailed them the link of my review and giveaway, and they have been pressuring me into doing a video review. They also all of a sudden had a bunch of requirements that I needed to put in my review. As you know, I don't work that way. I do a review my way and don't want to lie to anyone especially not to my subscribers. 

I told them that I am willing to adjust my blogpost review but not too much because I don't want to sound overly positive when I am not. How they wrote their emails to me was very unprofessional. And they kept telling me I had to do a video review. Well I did not want to make a video review as the product is not that special and it is more of a ''fun'' product. The review video probably would have only been 2 minutes long and making the video and also editing the video takes forever so I did not want to do that. Especially because it was the holiday season and there are other more important things to do. 

Now if you get contacted by for a review, just be warned that you get pressured into doing a video review and whilst they tell you at first that the review had to contain the link to the product and their website. Once you receive the product there is a whole list of what you need to mention in your review.

The final email I send to them was saying that if they want me to do a video review that it had the possibility of not being a positive one. Because I was not very happy on how I was treated and how they were pressuring me into making a video. The choice of making a video yes or no is all up to me not you unless my subscribers ask me to do so. After that email they never emailed me back.

I do have to apologize that I will not be able to do the giveaway. I am very sorry to my subscribers I hope you all understand and thank you for entering the giveaway. There will be other giveaways coming up so don't worry.

Now onto the happier news, the European Union has now officially banned all beauty products that are tested on animals! Woohoo!!

Monday, 28 January 2013

Project Samples Week 9

Hi dolls,

I apologize for the lack of blogposts lately. I really have not been feeling inspired and have been trying to get my mind somewhere else and then go back to blogging so my mind doesn't go crazy. But that has not worked so far. So 1 of the things I like to do to relax and get my head straight is to tidy and clean. So that is what I have been doing with my room. Mainly all my beauty products. I have been rearranging things and also I bought a new shelf container for my makeup. But I still feel like I need more storage space for my makeup.

Anyways I shall stop blabbing and just get back to the project samples. 

Like I mentioned I have been tidying and cleaning and re-organizing my beauty products. And I now have a pile of samples that I want to get through before I get to all the other samples basically.

So I am going to start off with these three. The first is the Thierry Mugler Angel perfumed body lotion. I am familiar with the scent as I do have a sample of it. And it is fairly sweet smelling so I hope this body lotion is not too overpowering.

The second and third is the Clarins Multi-regenerantes creams. There is a day and a night cream in this. And it is more of an anti-ageing cream so I hope I like this. It has all sorts of promises saying it will make your skin firmer and basically regenerates it into a younger skin. We'll see if this works lol. 

That is it for the samples this week. Let me know which sample you are most looking forward to hearing a review about?

Friday, 25 January 2013

Lip Factory Inc. January 2013 Beauty Kit Unboxing + Review

Hi dolls,

as I mentioned yesterday I said I uploaded another video yesterday and that is the lip factory inc. January beauty kit unboxing. This has fast become 1 of the boxes that I look forward to the most. If you have seen my December unboxing + review video of this subscription service you will understand why. If you have not seen it yet you can watch it right here.

Now for those of you who are not familiar with it is a monthly subscription service where each month you will receive a beauty kit with the necessities for the look/theme for that month. This subscription service is $22.- USD per month for US and Canada (other countries please contact them), this might seem a little on the higher side of things but believe me you will receive products in that beauty kit that will exceed that value.

On to the January unboxing video, this month it was all about the brows and you will find a few brow products in there. (I think they played into the brow trend very well. Good job Lip Factory Inc.!)

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Glossybox & Truly Yours January Unboxing Videos

Hi dolls,

Today I uploaded a total of 3 videos onto my channel. For the first one I will create a seperate post as I put a lot more effort into that one.

The other two I recorded really quickly and did some quick editing and then waited for the rendering to be completed which took as always forever!! But today I came back from the gym and both Glossybox and the Truly Yours box were waiting for me as I got home. I was super excited and had to open them both right away so I figured I would do it on camera. Even though I was still in my gym outfit and had not showered yet... I know eeeeewwwwhhh lol. So I apologize in advance for my appearance.

The Glossybox, which I kinda knew was going to be a Valentine's edition so I was looking forward to that.

(opens in new window)

The next is the Truly Yours box, which this month's box was also exciting as it is their 1 year anniversary box. The box itself is truly a work of art.

(opens in new window)

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Project Samples End of Week 8

Hi dolls,

Finally my project samples end of week 8 is here. I have been just putting this off, as I have been in this strange funk that I have been in for the last couple of days. I just cannot seem to shake it off. I have no clue what has triggered it and what I can do to shake it off. I guess I just need to sort my head out.

But I will try my best to continue write blogposts and make videos for YouTube.

Anyhows on to the samples that I have used up.

The first is the Toni & Guy shampoo for damaged hair. This had the typical Toni & Guy scent which is very nice. I liked the shampoo, the only problem I had with it is the fact that it is a bit oily feeling. So after my hair is washed, I do feel like my hair is getting greasy easier. So I probably would not be buying the full size of this.

The next is the Aveda conditioner, I could use this twice from this sample. I like this, as this was a nice light weight conditioner. If I could buy this full size I probably would. But I think this is a typical Northern American product. And I think it might be a bit on the pricey side.

The last sample is the Number 4 Lumiere D'hiver serum, this is so nice and smooth, I took about 2 uses from this. I love this but I think it is very pricey for a hair serum, I think this runs around the 35 euro mark.

That is it for the all the samples of week 8. I hope you guys enjoyed and I will do week 9 when I am ready again.

Monday, 21 January 2013

MUA Biggest Promo to-date is here!!!

Hi dolls,

Just a very quick blogpost telling you the largest MUA promo is here. Which gives you 50% off and also free shipping (worldwide) now there is a catch you have to spend at least 15 pounds after the discount has taken off so it is 30 pounds without the discount. Which might seem a lot but you get a lot of products for that too! The code is MUA50

But as you know, I love their products. I especially would recommend their eyeshadows they are super pigmented and very soft too!

Anyways some of you might be wondering what happened to my project samples end of the week post? Well it will be up either later tonight or I will post it for tomorrow. I don't know what's wrong but I have been in a bit of a funk the last couple of days and the last thing I want to be doing is trying to force myself into doing project samples, so no new selection this week. Hopefully I will get out of this funk and project samples will be back next week. Sorry for being such a pain but it just doesn't feel right at the moment.

Anyhows, sample boxes are being shipped this week! So new unboxing videos! And also I received my lip factory inc beauty kit which I shall review and put a video up this week as well. Busy busy week ahead!

(Maybe blue Monday is the cause of this funk?)

xoxox Ellen

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Best of Beauty 2012 (Hair & Skincare)

Hi dolls,

After comments on my best of beauty 2012 makeup edition which if you have not checked out you can check right here (will open in new window). People also wanted to see my hair and skincare favorites, so here is the video to that.

I hope you guys enjoy of course this was uploaded 2 days ago, so please ignore this post if you have already seen it.

Friday, 18 January 2013

MAC Year Of The Snake Collection

Hi dolls,

I actually wanted to put up more MAC collection announcements but by the time I realize I need to put them up. The collection have already passed or are sold out. I know I am such a failure when it comes to these things.

But today I can bring you images of the MAC year of the snake collection, this collection will be exclusively sold in just a couple of stores and MAC's own online website.

Most of the products in this collection will have a snake pattern. Now you are wondering why is MAC coming out with a snake collection? This year is the year of the snake for the Chinese (Asian) population, it will mark the end of the Dragon year and going into the Snake year. Chinese people usually celebrate their Chinese new year somewhere end of January beginning of February. I don't know exact dates as it goes by the lunar calendar and so it changes every single year. Celebrations take about a week and public transport (trains and planes) are mental about a week before the Chinese new year or spring festival as some may call it. It is the time to spend with your family. Anyways I am going off topic I wanted to show you the products in this collection.

There are 4 eyeshadow shades in this collection. It is the larger eyeshadow pan. There is ''Once Upon A Time'' (metallic vanilla), ''Aztec Brick'' (frosted true copper), ''Altered State'' (frosted blue purple) and ''Carbon'' which is a matt black.

The next are pigments in the colors ''Brash & Bold'' ( bright magenta) and ''Push the Edge'' (bright purple with pearl).

There will be 3 shades of lipsticks. The colors are ''Freckletone'' (neutral peach), ''Plumful'' (blossoming rose plum) and ''Cockney'' (sheer yellow red with multidimensional pearl).

There is going to be a beautypowder in the shade ''Shell Pearl'' (pale peach with gold pearl)

The last two are a powerpoint eye pencil in Engraved and their Zoom lash mascara in Zoomblack.

This collection will be available in the Netherlands on the 26th of January (dates for your country may vary).

p.s. this was suppose to be up on wednesday but that never happened!! Anyways it is here now.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Huge Beauty & Fashion Haul (incl. Nars, H&M, Michael Kors etc.)

Hi dolls,

I have 2 haul videos for you, I do have to warn you prepare to take about half an hour if you want to see both videos as they are quite long.

The first is from what I won in a Nars Facebook Giveaway. In this prize I won 3 gift sets from the Andy Warhol Nars collection.

The second is a collective haul including beauty products and fashion products. I have bought quite a few things at H&M, some beauty products from Lush and also Stila and MUA with their special promo. 

Enjoy the hauls!! They both open in new windows. Let me know what you have been buying during the sales

Monday, 14 January 2013

Project Samples Week 8 ''Hair Edition''

Hi everyone,

When I was picking my samples for this week, I thought it would be fun to do a hair edition, so for this week's project samples I have picked all hair care products. Because there are always a lot of hair product samples in my sample boxes. They usually just pile up, because you just get so many like hair oils, shampoos and conditioners. Usually not going together so you always end up with more shampoo than conditioner.

So on the bottom there is the number 4 fluoro5 elixer which is a restore & repair oil. I used the conditioner in the project samples before. I just hope I like this better than the conditioner.
The next is the Aveda smooth infusion conditioner sample, which I am thinking I might just be able to use once. I have never used Aveda products before so I look forward into trying this.
The last is the Toni & Guy cleanse shampoo for damaged hair. I like the scent of the Toni & Guy products, this is definitely a travel size so I will be able to get a few uses out of this. I have not tried this shampoo before so I look forward into trying this out.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Project Samples End of Week 7

Hi dolls,

The entire day I have been busy editing this haul video and then when I was finished the rendering part took forever!!! When rendering a video, my laptop becomes super slow and basically un-workable for me. I just get frustrated and want to throw my laptop out of the window. So I usually do something else in the meantime.

I wanted to put this post up earlier today so I can do a post about the haul video. But I might not upload it as  it is already quite late and I know uploading this video is going to take forever!!!

Anyhow, now for the project samples. End of week 7, this week I really enjoyed the samples.

The first sample is the Guhl rich nourishment hair mask, this was good for just one use. And I really liked the scent of this product. It contains monoi oil and apparently that is great if you have damaged hair. But my hair was already pretty soft so after this I however did not feel a great difference. But the mask working time is only 1 minute so it works pretty fast which is great if you are a quick shower type of girl. I would definitely purchase the full size of this when I run out of my other hair masks.

The second sample is the olaz or olay anti-wrinkle cream, this was a pretty small sample. But because it was anti-wrinkle cream I used this for my eye area and I have to say the cream itself is very greasy so if you have oily skin I would not recommend this. Also as an sample, it had no cap so after I opened it I could only use it once. But I transferred it into a different jar so I could use it multiple times. But after leaving my eye area so oily I just stopped using it and binned the rest of the product.

The last is the Montagne Jeunesse blemish mud mask. This was good for just one use, but I am definitely going out to get more. It is a nice mud mask, which you keep on for about 10-15 minutes or until the mud entirely dries. I left it on for about 15 minutes and when I washed it off, my face felt so fresh and clean! And also dry in a good way and not oily at all!! I have been breaking out so my skin feels pretty oily most of the time and this made my skin feel normal!

That was it for project samples week 7, overall a pretty good impression on me except the olaz/olay cream. 

Have you tried any of these products?

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Best of Beauty 2012 (MakeUp Edition)

Hi dolls,

I actually uploaded this about 2 days ago maybe on my YouTube channel. I don't know what is wrong with me this week but I have been severely neglecting my blog. I think I have focused a little bit too much on my instagram and also running errands and the depressing weather has gotten to me at the beginning/middle of the week.

Anyways I have seen quite a few of these best of beauty 2012 around I decided to do a makeup edition. From the comments on that video people liked it and wanted me to do one about skincare and haircare too. Which I can most definitely do, let me know if you are interested in that too? (gives me an extra kick in the butt to start planning and doing it lol) I am also planning to do a worst of 2012 so I can also give you the 2012 epic fails of products.

Anyhow here is the video for the best of 2012 makeup products.

Friday, 11 January 2013

I am a Friday Chaos #21 Co-Host!!!

Hi dolls,

I am super excited to bring you a bloghop that I am co-hosting this week. I love bloghops as you get to know a lot more blogs that you normally would miss and also a little plus is that you get more followers who discover your blog. It is a win-win situation!

<div align="center"><a href="" title="ohsoamelia"><img src="" alt="Ohsoamelia" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Get Ready With Me (Simple Daily Look)

Hi dolls,

I actually posted this yesterday on my YouTube and thought I should actually make a blogpost about it and post it on here for the people who are not subscribed to me yet on my YouTube channel.

Enjoy! Let me know what you think. Also like the video if you would like to see more of these types of videos.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Project Samples Week 7

Hi dolls,

as promised project samples is back! I decided to just continue numbering the weeks otherwise it would be way too confusing and if people would like to read back, they can just click whichever week they want to pick. Or would you rather have me start with week 1 again considering we are in a new year?

Now onto the samples.

The first sample is the Guhl Rich nourishing 1 minute hair mask. I received this in a Glossybox that I won, so I am assuming this is a sample size. But it is enough for one use. It contains monoi oil and I have heard amazing things about that. So I am super excited to try that out.
The second sample is the Olaz or Olay sample (it has different names in different countries) it is an anti-aging day cream. Although I don't really need it, I will use it around my eye area as some wrinkles have started to form there booo :-( 
The third and final sample is a Montagne Jeunesse blemish mud face mask. I really like the Montagne Jeunesse face masks and I don't think I have tried this one before. I know I really like their peel-off mask, so much fun with the peel off part lol. 

I just realized that I have 2 different masks for this week's project samples. Which sample are you most excited about seeing a review about?

Hope In A Blog x WishTrend Giveaway Collaboration

Confused? Why is there a dragon and a cupid?
Welcome to Hope In A Blog x Wishtrend's first ever blogger's event. The Dragon represents Wishtrend, the cupid - Hope In A Blog.
The Dragon represents courage, power – and the cupid represents love, passion.
The Dragon represents the East, the cupid – the West.
Most importantly….
The Dragon is a symbol of the Asian Lunar New Year, while the Cupid – the symbol of Valentine’s Day.
(p.s. as an Asian and I was born in a Dragon year, I know for a fact that it is the end of the Dragon year they are celebrating. It is the beginning of the year of the Snake for 2013)

This year, they both fall on the same month – in February, and to celebrate this special double occasion – Wishtrend and Hope In A Blog is collaborating on a special box and a special event and competition for bloggers WORLDWIDE to join us celebrate these two important days!

…And what do these two celebrations have in common ? The colour RED! Yes, that’s it ! Wishtrend will be releasing a special box – which compromises of all RED items to beautify yourselves in these two occasions. If you are a blogger, you will be able to have a chance to test this box out yourself FREE OF CHARGE – post a photo – and WIN a grand prize! Create your best ‘RED’ look with the items in the box and let your creativity take over!

Open to bloggers WORLDWIDE.

How To Enter ?
1. Create a new post on your blog and copy and paste this entry.
2. After creating the post , email the URL/Website to
3. Selection process will begin and bloggers selected will receive an email. Red Box will be delievered on 2nd week of January with tracking number.
4. If selected, the Special Box will be mailed to your address.
5. After 2 weeks, Blogger is required to review and post a photo using all the items in the box. Dateline : 31/01/2012. Please mail the blog link to to validate your entry.
6. Wishtrend and Hope In A Blog will pick a blogger with the most creative photo and blog post ( make good use of the items and create your best ‘RED” look! )

P.S : IF You are not chosen as a WIshtrend blogger, but have purchased the Red Box on your own, you can enter this competition as well by sending us the link of your blog post with review and photo


Winner will have their photo posted on the main page of the Wishtrend site as well as the Wishtrend Facebook Page with their Blog site. With over 40,000 likes on Facebook and more than 100,000 clients all over the world – this will give your blog a huge push!

Winner will also win a  $50 coupon from

Sunday, 6 January 2013

MUA (Make Up Academy) Bronzer Review

Hi everyone,

It has been a while since I have done a makeup review. Maybe I actually never did one like this before, I think I have done a couple in like video reviews before but never a specific post like this. Please let me know if I should do more of these more often. I have tons of products that I would love to share my thoughts with in sense of individual product reviews. So please let me know YaY or NaY?

As some of you might have seen this bronzer in my MUA haul. I bought a bunch of MUA products when they had their promo of 35% off plus free shipping. 

I decided to pick up their bronzer, because I have been more and more into bronzers during last year and my bronzer collection is not that large. And for only 1 pound, it doesn't hurt to try.

The packaging is very plain plastic and my first impressions were, wow that is a lot of product for just 1 pound.

It contains 5.7gram of product which is quite a lot and I bought it in shade 2. When I first opened it I thought it was pretty orange but I was happy it was a matt bronzer and not one of those shimmery ones. 

There is an MUA inprint in the bronzer and as you can see I have dipped in my brush a couple of times. I use this mainly for contouring and it applies nicely although you have to blend it really well otherwise it can get blotchy and you don't want blotchy bronzer spots all over your face. I use a slightly slanted contour brush for the application.

I did 2 swatches, the first swatch is a light swatch where I just went over it with my finger once. It looks quite nice bronzy and not orange at all. The second swatch is where I have layered it on as you can see if you build it up too much it can come out a bit orangey.

Overall I think this bronzer is great for when you want to practice and you are just starting out. And you are looking for a nice matt bronzer to contour with. Also the first layer is a bit flakey so I would brush that off on a paper towel first before actually applying it for the first time. The trick is just to dip the brush into the bronzer for contouring and not swirling it around. Because it is better to build it up slowly than apply too much at once.

Let me know what your favorite MUA products are, what you think I should try next. And also if I should do 1 product only reviews more often.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Thank you for the 200 subbies!

Hi everyone,

thank you for over 200 subbies, I remember last year this time I had like 1 subscriber lol. I just wanted to say thank you for all the support!!

I just wanted post a quick thank you! And don't forget there are 2 giveaways still going on. I will be putting some more effort in my blogposts this weekend. I have been experiencing some headaches and when I get those, I have no energy or focus to actually write something meaningful and yesterday I went shopping all day so I was away all day and when I came back I was so tired.

Anyhows, thank you, thank you, thank you for subscribing to my blog! I love you all!!

xoxox Ellen

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Upcoming & Resolutions in 2013

Hi dolls,

so today's post I want to dedicate on what I have planned for this blog in 2013 and some of my New Year's Resolutions. I know these are always a pain and really hard to live by, but I am hoping by writing it all down I might actually follow them this time.

So upcoming for this year, I am planning to do more makeup tutorials for my channel. As I only have a couple of them online. I want to make more comperative review videos on some more settled products that have been around a bit longer. I also want to make more first impressions videos, so I can give you my honest what do I think of it right now after 1 use opinion on some products both newer and older products that are new for me of course. 
Of course I will be continuing my project samples on this blog, I think it has been a great success overall looking back on the 6 weeks I did do it last year.
I am hoping to reach a nice round number on here, for a giveaway. My next YouTube giveaway will be on 1000 subscribers (it is going to be huge).

Now onto my resolutions, 

  • I will only be subscribed to maximum 2 beautyboxes per month (this does not count the boxes given to me for review purposes)
  • Spend less money, try to save a bit more. a.k.a. only buy things that I really really want and have on my wishlist. So no more spending without thinking about it.
  • Have to have a job! This is number 1 on my list, I have to find a job ASAP!!! I have been on the hunt for a job for over a year now. And I am sick of hearing, sorry we went with someone with more experience. Or you are overqualified for this job. Like seriously, wtf?! So yeah find a job, whether it is full time or part time I need to find a job.
  • Of course trying to get fit has to be one of the ones on here as well.
  • What else... of course it would be nice if my love life would take off a little bit... At the moment it is pretty non existent. 
  • Make sure I get to see some of my friends that are in a different country!! I haven't seen some of them in years and it is about time I get to see them again. 
  • Make more blog friends and YouTube friends <3 I think that is the last one.
Now what are your new year's resolutions? Or are you not into that thing at all? 

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy 2013! & December Favorites

Hi dolls,

first of all happy new year!!! Can you believe it is the first day of the new year? 2013 already, this year I will be a quarter of a century old. I hope this year will be a better year for me than 2012 was, but I guess if you are at the bottom, the only way is up. So I am staying positive and hoping for the best.

I truly hope 2013 will bring all of you all the happiness and joy that you all deserve. I love my readers, I hope this year I can continue bring you many blogposts and videos. Also I hope I can bring you more giveaway opportunities, I currently have two running which I will link at the bottom of this post.

Anyways, on to the December Favorites, I was actually planning on putting this online yesterday but between me trying to get some rest and getting ready for New Years Eve I totally forgot. And as you know I don't really do well with planning my posts in advance. So here it is. I am hoping to do a best of 2012 soon.

So for the giveaways; 12 Days of Christmas Huge Giveaway & Feather Hair Extension Giveaway (both links open in new windows)
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