Friday, 18 January 2013

MAC Year Of The Snake Collection

Hi dolls,

I actually wanted to put up more MAC collection announcements but by the time I realize I need to put them up. The collection have already passed or are sold out. I know I am such a failure when it comes to these things.

But today I can bring you images of the MAC year of the snake collection, this collection will be exclusively sold in just a couple of stores and MAC's own online website.

Most of the products in this collection will have a snake pattern. Now you are wondering why is MAC coming out with a snake collection? This year is the year of the snake for the Chinese (Asian) population, it will mark the end of the Dragon year and going into the Snake year. Chinese people usually celebrate their Chinese new year somewhere end of January beginning of February. I don't know exact dates as it goes by the lunar calendar and so it changes every single year. Celebrations take about a week and public transport (trains and planes) are mental about a week before the Chinese new year or spring festival as some may call it. It is the time to spend with your family. Anyways I am going off topic I wanted to show you the products in this collection.

There are 4 eyeshadow shades in this collection. It is the larger eyeshadow pan. There is ''Once Upon A Time'' (metallic vanilla), ''Aztec Brick'' (frosted true copper), ''Altered State'' (frosted blue purple) and ''Carbon'' which is a matt black.

The next are pigments in the colors ''Brash & Bold'' ( bright magenta) and ''Push the Edge'' (bright purple with pearl).

There will be 3 shades of lipsticks. The colors are ''Freckletone'' (neutral peach), ''Plumful'' (blossoming rose plum) and ''Cockney'' (sheer yellow red with multidimensional pearl).

There is going to be a beautypowder in the shade ''Shell Pearl'' (pale peach with gold pearl)

The last two are a powerpoint eye pencil in Engraved and their Zoom lash mascara in Zoomblack.

This collection will be available in the Netherlands on the 26th of January (dates for your country may vary).

p.s. this was suppose to be up on wednesday but that never happened!! Anyways it is here now.


  1. I love the designs. I'm excited to see some looks with this collection!

  2. Thanks for sharing, I dont buy a lot of MAC stuff but starting too.



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