Sunday, 6 January 2013

MUA (Make Up Academy) Bronzer Review

Hi everyone,

It has been a while since I have done a makeup review. Maybe I actually never did one like this before, I think I have done a couple in like video reviews before but never a specific post like this. Please let me know if I should do more of these more often. I have tons of products that I would love to share my thoughts with in sense of individual product reviews. So please let me know YaY or NaY?

As some of you might have seen this bronzer in my MUA haul. I bought a bunch of MUA products when they had their promo of 35% off plus free shipping. 

I decided to pick up their bronzer, because I have been more and more into bronzers during last year and my bronzer collection is not that large. And for only 1 pound, it doesn't hurt to try.

The packaging is very plain plastic and my first impressions were, wow that is a lot of product for just 1 pound.

It contains 5.7gram of product which is quite a lot and I bought it in shade 2. When I first opened it I thought it was pretty orange but I was happy it was a matt bronzer and not one of those shimmery ones. 

There is an MUA inprint in the bronzer and as you can see I have dipped in my brush a couple of times. I use this mainly for contouring and it applies nicely although you have to blend it really well otherwise it can get blotchy and you don't want blotchy bronzer spots all over your face. I use a slightly slanted contour brush for the application.

I did 2 swatches, the first swatch is a light swatch where I just went over it with my finger once. It looks quite nice bronzy and not orange at all. The second swatch is where I have layered it on as you can see if you build it up too much it can come out a bit orangey.

Overall I think this bronzer is great for when you want to practice and you are just starting out. And you are looking for a nice matt bronzer to contour with. Also the first layer is a bit flakey so I would brush that off on a paper towel first before actually applying it for the first time. The trick is just to dip the brush into the bronzer for contouring and not swirling it around. Because it is better to build it up slowly than apply too much at once.

Let me know what your favorite MUA products are, what you think I should try next. And also if I should do 1 product only reviews more often.


  1. Great review. I definitely wouldn't want to put too much on and turn out orange!

  2. I've heard some really great things about MUA. I actually ordered this while they were having their 40% off sale, so I'm looking forward to getting my package after your review :)
    <3, Mel

  3. Stopping by from Friday Chaos! I've always been a little afraid to try bronzer, especially because I'm so pale. Great review!


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