Sunday, 30 January 2011

Flying off to Shanghai tomorrow

So this will be my last blog post from the Netherlands, as I will be heading to Shanghai, China tomorrow. It will also be my last blog post for now as I won't be able to update for a couple of weeks. I can't believe that I will be jetting off to Shanghai tomorrow already. It just seems like last week that I was arranging everything. But I think I will have a good feeling about this one, it is a new adventure and thus a new chapter in my life. As always a few things will always remain a steady character in my life. But I will be happy when the characters that I am leaving behind are actually behind me and new characters will be introduced. Lets hope this time I will have finally learnt my lesson and have a better judgement of people. Over the course of this weekend, I have found out that the characters that I currently have in my life are the ones that will stay for this next chapter in my life and hopefully will be present in a lot more chapters in my life. I really can't wait to go to China and celebrate Chinese New Year. It will be the year of the Rabbit already, I do hope the Rabbit will bring peace and serenity like it usually does. Especially now with the many conflicts in the world.

Nothing more I have to say now, but to hope for the best and know that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

''I Think I Have Monogamy. I Caught It From You People.''

So first off, my post about the Golden Globes, the people I picked for worst dressed actually made the best dressed of the week on the Marie Claire UK website. This is the link for it here. All I can say about it is, everyone has different taste.

The title from this post is from Sex and the City season 4. I think it is just a funny quote by Samantha, one of many to be honest. I just thought it would make a funny title for this post. As I couldn't think of anything else original. Even though Sex and the City is a series that is very unrealistic concerning all the spending wise. Lol, I wish I could spend my money like that and still have a reasonable income. 

I guess the main lesson to be learnt from Sex and the City is, that friendship is everything but it takes some work. Through all the men in their lives, friends stay forever. I guess even though I have had my share of friendships going bad. I think I have my set of friends that I can rely on. But there is no need to dwell on the past, but looking forward to what is going to be. Friends who are true friends, will be there of multiple chapters of your life, whilst ''friends'' will only be present for one chapter. 

Anyway, I have nothing better to say at this point. Maybe there will be some more inspiration later on. Hope everyone is having a good weekend. xoxox

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

New haircut and a new crisis

I recently got a much needed haircut. I got the ends trimmed about 2 inches and then I kinda got a new fringe cut in, because my last one was so long it wasn't really a fringe anymore. But now it is kinda too short for a side fringe but too long for a normal fringe. If I have my fringe to the front it looks like the fringe Sandra Bullock was sporting at the Golden Globes from last sunday. Unfortunately, although it looks quite cool it is a pain because the hair just keeps getting into my eyes. Luckily hair grows, so I'll just have to be patient.

Now onto my crisis, I have a wedding to attend on monday and of course despite having too many clothes that my closet doesn't even normally close. I don't have anything to wear, either it is too dressed for a night out on a town or it is too casual. Or it is just too dated, or I have worn it way too often. And can't show off anything new. So with a new dress then of course comes another dilemma in the name of shoes and accessories. I swear guys have it so easy. I will have to figure something out before the weekend, because there is no way any last-minute shopping can be in place. So what is an appropriate style for a wedding? I guess a cocktail dress can be done but that might be too revealing. A nice summery dress? But that can be too casual. I mean I don't want to show up in trousers and a top, like my mom suggested. Which doesn't make it youthful, it makes me look older. And I am just 22 years old. So what can be done? I have been trying to look for some inspiration, but no luck so far. I guess I shouldn't be giving up hope at this point.

Almost forgot to tell you all, ASOS has free world wide shipping on all orders!!! Which is absolutely great, but it is standard shipping so depending on where you live you might have to wait quite some time before your order will have arrived. Express shipping are still the normal prices. I am not ordering anything, as I have spend quite a lot of money lately on shopping already. So my budget has been already stretched to the limits, unfortunately.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Golden Globes 2011

Ok so last night was the golden globes awards in the US. Although I don't really watch these award shows as it is in the middle of the night over here. And normally they are not very interesting although I love the red carpet looks that goes on. So here are my picks for my favorite looks of the evening. This was a fairly tough decision as there were so many gorgeous dresses.
Natalie Portman, wore one of my favorite dresses of the evening, by Victor & Rolf. It is just such an elegant and romantic dress. I love how the bold red rose is on a pale pink dress. Simplicity rules all.
Another favorite of mine is the dress that Eva Longoria wore. It is a quite dramatic dress with a long train and showing off both the back and the front. But it made classy as it is just simple in black. It shows of her curves very well and makes her look longer as she is quite a petit actress. The dress is by Zac Posen.
Megan Fox, wore a gorgeous Armani Prive dress. Which just looks amazing with her skin and hair color. 

This was my last of the favorites of the night, I will now post some of the dressed that I thought did not belong at an award show like the Golden Globes.
January Jones, wore one of my least favorite dresses of the evening. She wore a red string dress by Versace. Although I admire here for wearing red, I don't like the strings at all. It looks like all she could afford was the strings and not the fabric for the dress. And the cut outs on the side are just too much, because she is already having such a low neckline.
Mandy Moore wore Monique L'huillier, I kinda like this dress in general but it is kinda of boring and the tule at the bottom just makes it look strange. As if someone thought oh lets just sew some more tule on the bottom to give it some volume. And her hair should've been worn up, to show of the beautiful a-symmetric neckline of the dress.
Halle Berry wore this awful so not dressy dress by Nina Ricci, I am sorry but Halle you are going to an award show not going to the bedroom to do you know what I mean. The corset, looks like it is too big for her bust and then all the sheerness at the bottom, making it look like a sarong you put on a beach to cover up yourself a little bit. If the bottom part would be not the sheer fabric but a satin fabric, this dress could've been saved.

Music Monday: Jessie J - Do It Like A Dude (Explicit)

Ok I promised I would do some more posts. Starting with a music monday, I have chosen Jessie J - Do it like a dude song as it is just an empowering song for women. Although it might be a bit offensive, because there are some swear words in it, ok quite a bit. But then again it just proves that girls can be as tough as guys as well. It is a catchy song, but it could be not your style. I guess I have a variety of styles both in music and fashion wise. Some people might claim there is no such thing, well all I can say is people are entitled to their own opinion. Hope you like the song as much as I do.

First blog post of the new year

Ok it is official, I suck at keeping a blog. This is just horrible, it has been weeks. But then again I did kinda predict this for myself. I somehow just lose the interest into every single website I make.

So as far as everything goes, I have been fairly busy. I will tell you about it once everything has been made official. Not everything has been done just yet, hopefully then I will have more interesting things to tell you. And maybe some more time, but probably not. I will at least make an attempt out of it anyway.

On to something more interesting, I have been watching Sex and the City series from the beginning. My favorite quote so far is Samantha saying ''Front or back a hole is a hole''. This is just a great quote for so many reasons. It was said in season 1, can't remember which episode though. But I think it was one of the first couple of episodes anyway. Every time I watch these series, I just want to get dolled up and dressed up like them. Just so I can be as glamorous as them. But then again, I can never ever afford a lifestyle like that. For various reasons one of them is being jobless. And frankly have little to no money at all depending on the time and what I have bought previously lol. And I am currently just craving for a cocktail, anyhow. Hopefully I will try and update again this week and then hopefully with a more exciting post.
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