Sunday, 30 January 2011

Flying off to Shanghai tomorrow

So this will be my last blog post from the Netherlands, as I will be heading to Shanghai, China tomorrow. It will also be my last blog post for now as I won't be able to update for a couple of weeks. I can't believe that I will be jetting off to Shanghai tomorrow already. It just seems like last week that I was arranging everything. But I think I will have a good feeling about this one, it is a new adventure and thus a new chapter in my life. As always a few things will always remain a steady character in my life. But I will be happy when the characters that I am leaving behind are actually behind me and new characters will be introduced. Lets hope this time I will have finally learnt my lesson and have a better judgement of people. Over the course of this weekend, I have found out that the characters that I currently have in my life are the ones that will stay for this next chapter in my life and hopefully will be present in a lot more chapters in my life. I really can't wait to go to China and celebrate Chinese New Year. It will be the year of the Rabbit already, I do hope the Rabbit will bring peace and serenity like it usually does. Especially now with the many conflicts in the world.

Nothing more I have to say now, but to hope for the best and know that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

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