Saturday, 22 January 2011

''I Think I Have Monogamy. I Caught It From You People.''

So first off, my post about the Golden Globes, the people I picked for worst dressed actually made the best dressed of the week on the Marie Claire UK website. This is the link for it here. All I can say about it is, everyone has different taste.

The title from this post is from Sex and the City season 4. I think it is just a funny quote by Samantha, one of many to be honest. I just thought it would make a funny title for this post. As I couldn't think of anything else original. Even though Sex and the City is a series that is very unrealistic concerning all the spending wise. Lol, I wish I could spend my money like that and still have a reasonable income. 

I guess the main lesson to be learnt from Sex and the City is, that friendship is everything but it takes some work. Through all the men in their lives, friends stay forever. I guess even though I have had my share of friendships going bad. I think I have my set of friends that I can rely on. But there is no need to dwell on the past, but looking forward to what is going to be. Friends who are true friends, will be there of multiple chapters of your life, whilst ''friends'' will only be present for one chapter. 

Anyway, I have nothing better to say at this point. Maybe there will be some more inspiration later on. Hope everyone is having a good weekend. xoxox

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