Wednesday, 19 January 2011

New haircut and a new crisis

I recently got a much needed haircut. I got the ends trimmed about 2 inches and then I kinda got a new fringe cut in, because my last one was so long it wasn't really a fringe anymore. But now it is kinda too short for a side fringe but too long for a normal fringe. If I have my fringe to the front it looks like the fringe Sandra Bullock was sporting at the Golden Globes from last sunday. Unfortunately, although it looks quite cool it is a pain because the hair just keeps getting into my eyes. Luckily hair grows, so I'll just have to be patient.

Now onto my crisis, I have a wedding to attend on monday and of course despite having too many clothes that my closet doesn't even normally close. I don't have anything to wear, either it is too dressed for a night out on a town or it is too casual. Or it is just too dated, or I have worn it way too often. And can't show off anything new. So with a new dress then of course comes another dilemma in the name of shoes and accessories. I swear guys have it so easy. I will have to figure something out before the weekend, because there is no way any last-minute shopping can be in place. So what is an appropriate style for a wedding? I guess a cocktail dress can be done but that might be too revealing. A nice summery dress? But that can be too casual. I mean I don't want to show up in trousers and a top, like my mom suggested. Which doesn't make it youthful, it makes me look older. And I am just 22 years old. So what can be done? I have been trying to look for some inspiration, but no luck so far. I guess I shouldn't be giving up hope at this point.

Almost forgot to tell you all, ASOS has free world wide shipping on all orders!!! Which is absolutely great, but it is standard shipping so depending on where you live you might have to wait quite some time before your order will have arrived. Express shipping are still the normal prices. I am not ordering anything, as I have spend quite a lot of money lately on shopping already. So my budget has been already stretched to the limits, unfortunately.

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