Friday, 30 November 2012

Herome ''So Undercover'' & ''Stylish Russia'' Collection Preview

Hi dolls,

Herome is coming out with a special collection for the movie ''So Undercover'' which features Miley Cyrus (you know the child star that is now trying way too hard to lose her hannah montana days by almost going as cray cray as LiLo). 

Anyhow, Herome drew inspiration from the movie to do a collection of 6 colors to feature in their W.I.C. (World Inspired Colors) line. Because I like the colors in the collection a lot I thought I would share it with you.

The colors are really soft toned colors that will appeal to you if you don't really care for the more darker vibrant colors that are in this season. 

So from left to right the colors are Molly, Becky, Bizzy, Cotton, Summer and Sasha.

The next collection Herome is coming out with is the Stylish Russia collection also part of the WIC line. This limited edition collection also has 6 polishes and will appeal to the ones who are gravitating towards the more darker colors. The names of these polishes are inspired by names of cities in Russia.

From left to right the colors are Samara, Kazan, St. Petersburg, Perm, Volgograd and Yekaterinburg.

What do you think of the collections? Which one appeals to you the most?

Thursday, 29 November 2012

MakeUp Academy (MUA) Haul?

Hi dolls,

so when MUA hit the 35,000 likes on facebook they had the most amazing offer ever with 35% off plus free shipping of course you had to spend at least 10 pounds first but that is easily done. I didn't go too crazy and only bought 9 things. Yes I said only 9 things, I could've easily bought half of their website but didn't because I wanted to see if the quality is as good as some of the beauty bloggers said. 

Now my question to you is, would you like to see a haul post with just pictures of the products or make a haul video so I can show you guys all the products a bit more true to color because I will be filming in day light? Probably tomorrow because I have my November favorites to film and also my November Starlooks Starbox unboxing + review to film. 

Let me know yay or nay on filming a haul video. 

Don't worry if you missed out on the amazing offer, they do ship worldwide and when they hit 40,000 they will have another amazing offer. 

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Glossybox 1 Year Anniversary November 2012 Unboxing

Hi dolls,

finally I managed to put up my Glossybox unboxing up for you. I filmed this last Saturday and we are now Tuesday... I received the box on Friday and couldn't wait and ripped it open to see what I received in my box especially because it is their anniversary box I was super excited about all the goodies that were in the box. 

Also it has been over a week since I last put a video up, if you read my posts you will know I have been having a crazy week and filming was last thing on my mind after all the bad energy. I do feel really bad because I love filming videos. Which reminds me, I haven't done a tutorial in a while... any requests?

If you don't know what Glossybox is, it is a monthly subscription service where you get 5 samples send to your house per month. In the Netherlands it costs € 15.-

Now if you would like to see what I received in my box... Continue and click the link.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Project Samples Week 3

Hi dolls,

It is a beginning of a new week which also means a new selection of samples for this week. If you remember from yesterday's post, I actually manage to overlook my Clinique sample which therefor is in my week 3 post as well.

Going clockwise

The first one is the EOS shaving cream, I love the EOS lipbalms and if the shaving cream is as good, then I look forward into trying this.
The second is the Meridol mouthwash, yes I decided to include a non-beauty related item in here. Generally because it is something we use every day and no one wants stinky breath lol.
The third is a Lavera Pore Refining Moisturising Fluid, I am assuming it is just facial moisturizer that I look forward into trying.
The fourth is a Lancome Rouge In Love lipstick sample in 340B Rose Boudoir, this is a lipstick sample which I actually have two off. And it is a pretty pink color which I really look forward into trying because I have heard great things about this lipstick.
The fifth is the Clinique sample from last week that I managed not to use, so that will be the first one to be used this week.

Have a great week! Of course let me know on your progress on Project Sample.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation Review *

Hi dolls,

I have a review of a foundation for you all today. When I first heard of this foundation I had to try it because it just sounds too good to be true. So I asked the PR agency to send me a sample of it, I never expected them to send me a full size bottle but they were kind enough to send me one so I can review it for you guys.

This line comes with a foundation and a concealer.

I do have to say when I received the foundation, it was way too dark well it still is. But I managed to make it work, by mixing it with lighter foundations. Also to really review this for you and to see the staying power, I was home 1 day and decided to put it on my fore arm to test the staying power. And I have to say I was pretty impressed and it really is a nice covering foundation. 

On the bottle it says it gives a flawless, even to perfection finish and lasts up to 16 hours. I can confirm it has an amazing lasting power. (tested on my fore arm)

The fornula is a bit thicker but still a nice liquid foundation that blends really well.

That little bit covered my entire hand!

The special thing about this foundation is the fact it contains 3 different pigments hence the name 123 perfect. Those 3 pigments need to help you achieve that flawless finish. 

The first pigment is a yellow pigment that makes your dark circles disappear, so you can use this as a concealer as well.
The second pigmet is a purple pigment that gives you a nice glow. 
The final pigment is a green pigment to even out the redness in your skin. 
All three of these pigments create that flawless look to your face and gives you a nice natural glow.

I do have to admit, the foundation really covers nicely. I wish the color matched my skintone so I could show you (but I look like an oompa loompa if not mixed with a lighter foundation and that kind of knocks the purpose because the lighter foundation doesn't cover as nicely) But I did a before and after shot of my hand using the foundation.



As you can see from the two pictures above, it covered my redness, some of my veines and even my tiny freckles I got on my hand. So it really does cover nicely and I only used not even half a pump of the foundation to cover my whole hand.

The packaging is nice, it is made of glass and it has a pump for easy and clean disposal of the foundation.

This foundation comes in 6 different shades and I received the darkest shade which is 57 ligh brown. So I have had to mix this foundation in order to get some use out of it. It is really nice, I do enjoy this foundation. I might go out and get this foundation in my true color match if I didn't have that much foundation already. 

For the people who do have Bourjois in their countries, it is now available in your drugstores. For the people who don't check out I know they sell Bourjois and they also do free shipping so you might be able to get it off there.

Project Samples end of Week 2

Hi dolls,

It is the end of week 2 of Project Samples and I have a small review of the samples I tried this week.

I do have to admit, I totally forgot to take a picture of the empty packaging today and by the time I am writing this it is already night time. And using flash does not work as the foil packets reflect the lighting so I am just going to use the previous picture.

This weekend really started out crap and just continued on, because you know bad luck comes and just stays for a while just because it wants to. So now onto the products.

The first one is the Davidoff Cool Water perfume, it is a nice fresh perfume for every day. Nothing special, not really my thing because I prefer more sweet and spicier scents.

The second sample is the Clinique Super Moisture MakeUp sample in 06 Neutral, I have to admit with all the craziness of this week. I totally overlooked this sample, hence this sample will be continued on to week 3.

The third sample is the SebaMed every day shampoo, I did not like this that much. I think guys would be more interested in this because it has more of a citrus/fresh scent to it. It does nothing special to your hair, the only plus is the fact it contains 0% perfume so it is great for people who are alergic to perfumes.

The fourth sample is the SebaMed bodylotion, once again I did not care for this that much. The body lotion was very watery in texture instead of it being a proper lotion or in my eyes lotions are a bit more thicker in formula than that. But I guess it is nice for when you have sensitive skin which is prone to scented lotions. It has a pleasant soap scent to it, kind of reminds me of baby body lotion.

So in conclusion, I shall not buy any of these samples in full size. Although I cannot judge my Clinique sample just yet, so stay tuned for that review.

So that was it for week 2, as you can read. I did not care for most of the things and really this week cannot be going by quick enough right now. I hope everyone else had an amazing week! Love you all for reading my blog, it really does mean a lot to me. 

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Nivea (Labello) Fruity Shine Cherry Review *

Hi dolls,

With the cold weather coming or in some places it is already here. It also comes with dry and cracked lips. We all don't like that but I guess every season comes with its price. 

Every winter not only me but also my family always reach for the Labello lip balms although in most countries people will know them for the Nivea lip balms. They are both the exact same, except for the name. The blue classic lip balm has always been a favorite and in our house you can find them in every room. I love the blue classic lip balm but I have always been way more interested in the ones with the flavors and colors. 

When I saw that Labello (Nivea) was re-promoting the Fruity Shine Cherry I had to have it! I remember when I was younger I wanted it but my mom would always say no because it contained that hint of color, and it looked like I was wearing lipstick. I guess my mom did not want to be portrayed as a bad mom for giving her daughter lipstick to wear at such a young age.

The Fruity Shine Cherry now has a more slanted cap which looks more sleek. Has a nice vibrant red packaging with nice cherry blossoms on it. The formula is still very moisturising, gives you a little bit of a hint of color, gives your lips an actual shine and has a nice cherry scent. It is basically perfect for when your lips are that dry and cracked that any lipstick on those lips would not have a good look. The redness on your lips is really natural but still noticable for you. I have been wearing it on a daily basis ever since I got it, and been loving it!

The Labello (Nivea) lip balms are really great value for money as they retail between the € 2.- and € 3.- you can re-apply as many times as you want. 

A swatch of it on my hand.

How it looks on my lips.

Friday, 23 November 2012

My Favorite Black Friday Deals (International Edition)

Hi dolls,

I apologize for being so absent lately, I have been extremely busy and despite all the efforts things have not been going my way. Unfortunately this has been draining my energy and I feel like ''why even bother?''. I try to remain positive but it is really difficult when you get slapped in your face with rejection twice in 1 day (job-wise).

This is really exhausting and I have been wanting to film new videos for you but I just can't. I seem to not have the energy for it and also I just feel like crying every single time I try to do something. Hiding behind a computer screen and typing is so much easier. 

I shall stop talking about my problems and just get on with what this post has been all about. 

Black Friday, a day/weekend of amazing deals (typically in the US) where my inner shopaholic has trouble trying to control herself but at the same time is so excited about everything that it goes surfing on the net all day to see what deals she can bag herself without overspending (because frankly I really cannot afford it). 

So onto my amazing finds from my favorite webshops. 

Fortune Cookie Soap; first 30 shoppers got free shipping (this was gone in an instant) but other deals are 50% off their fortune cookie soaps and buy 2 get 1 free (basically mix & match and get your cheapest product free) 

Sigma Beauty; I love their brushes a lot! I shall do an updated foundation routine soon using their brushes. They offer free shipping worldwide! (code; BF2012) unfortunately you won't be able to use the 10% off code.

Sedona Lace; I have not ordered from them before but I have been eyeing up their brushes for forever! And they are half off actually everything on their website is half off. (I won't be getting anything, as said before no finances for it) Also they were giving away free eyeshadow this has now sold out what a bummer :-(

BH Cosmetics; Another website I have not ordered from before but I really do want to, they have up to 60% off on their products. (I have heard amazing reviews) I also saw they have like pre-made sets which are a complete steal as well. 

MUA (MakeUp Academy); They did had their 35% off + free shipping last week but they still have an offer of 3 for 2 on any product. 

River Island; I really like their shop when I was living in the UK, and I still do. They are offering free shipping worldwide!

ASOS; they have a discountcode for 25% off their entire range. Code is 25OFF I have to warn you, you can only use the code once when you have placed an order. Of course they still have free shipping.  

TopShop; This is one of my favorite stores in the world! I love their on-trend style of clothing, although some of their items can be a tad overpriced. But they are offering free shipping worldwide on all orders! (I already placed an order, did not buy any clothes but a couple of accessories)

So if you have any other deals that you think I should know off. Please let me know in the comments down below.

Image taken from

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Colgate Freebie alert!!

Hi dolls,

I have great news unfortunately it is only for Dutch people so I will actually continue on in Dutch after this bit of text. I will have a Christmassy giveaway coming up soon which will be international so don't worry. (it is just that Colgate has made 8 sample packs available for my readers but considering their Dutch office is based in The Netherlands this is only available to anyone with a Dutch address)

Hallo mijn Nederlandse blog lezers, ik had laatst een Colgate review geschreven als je dat nog niet hebt gelezen dan kan dat hier (Colgate Max WhiteOne Review). Nou heeft Colgate met mij contact opgenomen en ik mag via Colgate 8 proefpakketjes weggeven aan mijn blog lezers. Ik vond dat super leuk dus de regels zijn als volgt;
- je moet mijn blog volgen (via GFC of bloglovin)
- mailtje naar mijn email sturen met adres gegevens en graag ook je username van gfc en/of bloglovin (ik zal heel zorgvuldig omgaan met jouw adres gegevens uiteraard) Email is
- dit moet je doen voor 30 november want daarna zal ik met Colgate contact opnemen en die zullen dan de 8 proefpakketjes versturen.

Ik vind de regels simpel genoeg om te volgen, als je nog vragen hebt dan hoor ik dat uiteraard heel graag. 

Monday, 19 November 2012

Dove Winter Care (Limited Edition) Review *

Hi dolls,

This is yet another review video, I was going to put this as a normal blog post review but as I was filming. I saw this still needed to be reviewed. As I had my setup ready to go anyways, I thought I might as well just film a review.

The Dove Winter Care line, is a limited edition line and is available in stores now. It really does smell amazing, watch my review and you will want to go out and get you some of Dove.

Project Samples Week 2

Hi dolls,

It is week 2 of Project Samples already, as I said in yesterday's post I have changed 1 of the rules just because I am not able to follow all the rules and still be testing out products and using my regular products at the same time. I have backups of several products hence why I need to finish my regular products. Because for some reason I also tend to continue on buying more products.... No good.

So for week 2 I have picked 4 samples.

The first sample is a perfume sample of Davidoff Cool Water, I have tried this perfume before not a huge fan but I shall try and use this sample up.
The second is the Clinique Supermoisture makeup in 06 Neutral, this is I assume a foundation/ tinted moisturizer. Have not tried this before so I look forward to it.
The third and fourth are both from Sebamed and is for sensitive skin so there is a shampoo sample and a bodylotion. I have never tried any of their products before so I look forward to it.

Those are the products for project samples week 2. What do you think? Have you tried any of these products before? What do you think of them?

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Project Samples End of Week 1

Hi dolls,

Can you believe it is the end of the week already? It was only a week ago when I introduced project samples to all of you and everyone was very positive about it.

I do have to admit though, I think I will be having a hard time with this because some of my samples especially because sometimes they temporarily take over my normal routine and therefore won't be able to use my normal products and test out new products. So therefore I will change 1 of my rules of the fact that 1 of the samples has to be deluxe size or travel size. Because that is frankly not do-able.

Ok so from left to right, I will start at the top. First one was the Roberto Cavalli perfume sample, I am assuming this is a pretty new scent as I have been seeing it pop up everywhere in sample boxes. This scent is ok, but it is a bit strong and spicy for my liking. So I would not buy the full size of this perfume if I get the chance to. 
The next is the Planter's Aloe Vera cream that can be used for face, hands and body. I used this once for the entire body and I have to admit it is nice, the only problem I have with this is the fact that it is a bit greasy feeling. The scent is nice, as it contains shea butter.
On the bottom, I tried the Lancome Genefique Youth Activator. It is their Genefique serum and it is a very liquid consistency. I use this as an eye serum and also on my forehead where I start to form lines. I still have a little bit left, this one really lasts a long time. It is really nice, it has a sticky feeling when it dries but that disappears in 2 seconds.
The middle sample is the Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal which is a face moisturizer, I have to say I did not like this product. I got 2 uses out of it and it made my face feel very greasy and I had to try and get my skin back on track after this product. 
The last sample is the Andrélon shampoo, this is a newer product from Andrélon and it says it gives your hair that brightness and shineness back and it kinda does. The only problem is that I did not have the conditioner that goes with it but I found out, I didn't really need a conditioner with this shampoo. But I would not use this continiously without a conditioner. And this will not replace my normal shampoo. It is a nice shampoo though, good for when you are in a hurry and don't want to use a condition because you don't have time or any of the shine products.

That was it for project samples week 1. Did you do project samples with me? And if so, how did you come along?

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Lavera Cosmetics Review + Giveaway

Hi dolls,

I have a brand review video for you this time and it is about Lavera cosmetics, which if you did not know it is an all natural makeup brand from Germany. I was really excited about testing out and reviewing these products for you. Because I already have a ton of samples, I thought it would be fun to give the samples that I received away to 1 of you guys. All details will be in the description box in the video, remember this is a small giveaway I have decided to do just as a little preview for what is about to come for the holidays. I have a few things planned for then. 

Friday, 16 November 2012

Truly Yours November 2012 (Elle Edition) Unboxing

Hi dolls,

I have another unboxing video for you. This is a box that I have been excited for, ever since I knew they were going to collaborate with Elle Magazine. Yes it is a collab box and there are more than the usual 5 products in the box.

Anyhow, I shall stop typing and just let you go watch the video, much more exciting.

GHD Straighteners Available in the Netherlands!

Hi dolls,

great news for my Dutch followers, GHD straighteners are now available at

No I am not advertising for them. I actually really like GHD straighteners, they have been on my wishlist forever!! I know for a fact that they are amazing quality and really are 1 of the best type of straighteners out there. When I was living in Scotland, 1 of my friends had one and she continued to rave about it and really said it was the best straightener she ever owned. And when I save up the money, I will most definitely get one for myself. Also I love the fact they come out with special editions for particular holidays or even charities. So definitely worth checking out.

Also Katy Perry is their spokes person, who doesn't like Katy Perry!

John GHD Straighteners

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Beauty By Vicky November 2012 Unboxing

Hi dolls,

I have another unboxing video for you. Last month you could see the very first unboxing video of the Beauty By Vicky box and now this is their 2nd edition and it is the November month.

It is a monthly subscription service which costs € 14.95 per month and it is currently Netherlands only. But I thought I would share the contents with you anyways.

I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Colgate Max White One Review *

Hi dolls,

I recently received a Colgate Max White One press pack. I was pretty impressed by the look of the press pack very nice and sleek. Even though I received this press pack a while ago before moving, I wanted to wait before I actually moved to start using the products so I can provide you with a good and thorough review.

Colgate recently released their new line of Max White One products which includes mouthwash, toothpaste and toothbrush. They all have the same purpose and that is to make your teeth white by using your normal tooth brushing routine. 

I brush my teeth twice a day usually sometimes even 3 times a day (especially after eating garlic bread, but I love garlic bread) so my routine usually consist of brushing my teeth and then rinse my mouth with a mouthwash. I normally use the products my family also uses but lately I have been exploring other brands of toothpastes. So when I got the opportunity to test out the new Colgate Max White One products I was excited about it, I do have a serious problem with yellow teeth mainly because it is kind of down to genetics as well.

The Colgate Max White One products promise that you will notice a difference after a week with your teeth being shade whiter than they were before. (I totally forgot to take pictures of before and after, blaming it on the move)

I did notice that my teeth seemed cleaner after using the products and also slightly less yellow than they were. So I was super excited about the fact that the products actually work and that I don't have to change my normal routine except for the product change. 

The toothbrush has a medium hard bristles and feel comfortable on your teeth. In the centre of all the bristles it has rubber rounds to clean your teeth surface even more. I think this part makes the biggest difference in how clean your teeth feel.

The toothpaste is nice and minty and has a blue consistency with tiny blue pearly balls in it to basically scrub your teeth. I like how minty it is and after wards it leaves my mouth nice, minty and clean.

The last product is the mouthwash and this is a blue of color although the bottle is white. This mouthwash really does it thing and burns after rinsing it meaning to me that it has cleansed my mouth and I like that burning mint feeling. The only problem I have with the mouthwash is the packaging, you cannot really tell how much there is still left as the packaging is white if there was a transparent strip on the side so you can look into the bottle that would make this mouthwash perfect.

Overall I really do like these products and would probably repurchase them because they actually work.

Also important tip, remember to change out your toothbrush every 3 months because it collects a lot of bacteria especially if you also have a toilet in the bathroom (enough said).

I know this is not a very beauty related, but it kinda is beauty because a white smile is considered a beauty character in its own way. This is also something we use everyday multiple times a day and dental hygene is very important, which is why I wrote this review.



Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Final 2 videos

Hi dolls,

here are my final 2 videos that I recorded along with the previous 4 that I uploaded over the past 2 days. I have to say it is a relief to have all these videos up now, I still however have a couple more review videos to do and then I am done for the list of videos to film that I made whilst I was moving. 

It is funny that before I was moving I hardly had any inspiration to film, and that during the moving time the videos seem to pile up. I have no idea how that happened, well I kinda do because most of the videos that I uploaded these past couple of days were unboxing videos. Anyhow I shall stop ranting and just post the links to my videos.

This video is a special 1 because I won this special Glossybox in a giveaway on Glossybox's website so it was very exciting!

The next video is a haul video, I won a couple of giveaways and also I bought a couple of things that I liked to show you.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Starlooks Starbox October 2012 Unboxing + October 2012 Favorites

Hi dolls,

Yes I have 2 more videos for you, I filmed 6 in total which 2 of them were uploaded yesterday and I have uploaded 2 today and I will upload the final 2 tomorrow. I don't want to overload you with all 6 videos on 1 day which is why I spread out the 6 videos over 3 days. 

First one is the Starlooks Starbox October 2012 unboxing video, I love this monthly subscription service where you receive a box of makeup products to try out each month for only $ 15.- which I think is a complete steal because you receive a value worth so much more than that. 

Sign up for Starlooks Starbox here (available internationally)

The next video I have for you is my October favorites video, I know we are already 2 weeks into November but I do a favorites video every month and did not want to skip a month. So here it is.

Project Samples Week 1

Hi dolls,

Today I am presenting you with week 1 of Project Samples, every week I pick at least 3 samples which 1 of them have to be deluxe or travel size sample to finish that week. At the end of the week I will write a blogpost on my progress and also a small review on the samples that I have used up that week.
(read my full post on project samples and rules here)

Let's get started with the first week of samples.

I have chosen 4 samples for this week and 1 perfume sample that I forgot to include in this group shot of this week.

1. Planter's Repairing Cream for face, hands and body. Small 5ml sample.
2. Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal 24h rich hydrating cream for normal to dry skin. Tiny 1ml sample.
3. Lancome Genefique Youth Activator. Small 5ml sample.
4. Andrélon Bright & Shine shampoo for normal hair. Travel size sample 50ml. (I have 2 of these)
5. (not in the photo) Roberto Cavalli Eau De Parfum. Small sample of 1.2ml. (I have 2 of these)

I think I will be able to use all of these samples this week. Out of all of these samples I have used the Lancome sample before because I had a bunch of these. I think I may have another 1 lying around somewhere. 

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Update Vlog + Truly Yours October 2012 Unboxing

Hi dolls,

I have 2 brand new videos for you, I have more videos to upload all filmed on the same day. But I still need to edit them a little bit. Although the videos are not very long though so I am assuming the editing won't take up too much of my time.

Anyhow, here is the Update Vlog After The Move Video

Because I did not have the time to film this unboxing video sooner and also I only got this the other day, because things of course had to go wrong during moving. But it all worked out and I managed to get my box before the next box is shipped.

Project Samples

Hi dolls,

I have decided to start a ''Project Samples'', for those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, know that I love samples!! I love receiving samples in the mail, when I purchase something in store and something that has probably triggered it even more sample subscription services. I know you sometimes get full size products in those boxes but usually they are deluxe sample sizes and I find them so cute! I use it a couple of times for review purposes and then just put them in a box amongst the rest of my collection. You can imagine that the samples start piling up like crazy after a while. 

Now as some of you have heard of project pan before where people pick 10 of their makeup products that are almost gone, finish that up and then are allowed to buy new ones. As for samples new ones keep popping up everywhere and my sample subscription services continue on every month. 

Onto my rules;
- I will pick at least 3 samples every Monday for me to finish that week, I shall write my progress on it the Sunday that same week.
- At least 1 of those 3 or more samples shall be deluxe size or travel size samples.
- If I cannot finish a sample that week, I shall continue using that sample the following along with my new sample picks of the week. 

- Samples can be any type of sample (hair care/makeup/skin care/ anything beauty related)
- I will write a short review whether I liked a product or not.

I hope this way, my amount of samples will be decreasing. Please do bare in mind that I will be using these samples along with the rest of my normal beauty products and new beauty products that I am testing out to review. 

What do you think of my project samples? Good or bad idea? Will you be doing something similar? Let me know I would love to hear your thoughts on everything.

Monday will be week 1 of ''Project Samples''

p.s. if you are doing project samples and you have a blog/channel or some sort of media output please do credit me. I know you would not like it if I took your idea and pretend it was mine.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

I Moved!!!

Hi dolls,

Just a quick update telling you I am finally done moving. Although the next couple of days will probably involve me being very busy with all sort of things. And I am also trying to organize my room, the way it will hold all my stuff ( a.k.a. junk) and also I need to be happy with it.

I really do have way too many things to fit in this room but I am making most of it. I shall do a small room tour soon but once a video is up you will be able to see how my room looks like.

I will reply to everyone and follow back once I have done everything else that holds my priority at the moment. 

Love you all!! I shall do a more meaningful post either later today or tomorrow evening. 

xoxox Ellen

Thursday, 1 November 2012

*update post*

Hi dollies,

Just a very quick and short update on what has been going on. Finally we have received the keys to our new house. Have been super busy with arranging everything so we can start moving. My room has been chaotic so therefore I have not put up any videos but there will be some review videos, unboxing videos, my october favorites video all coming up very soon. 

Everyone who has left a comment, I will reply to your comments and also I will follow back once everything is settled. I know I am probably really behind on everything at the moment. 

Thanks for all the support! I will come back with a bang! lol

xoxox Ellen
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