Friday, 23 November 2012

My Favorite Black Friday Deals (International Edition)

Hi dolls,

I apologize for being so absent lately, I have been extremely busy and despite all the efforts things have not been going my way. Unfortunately this has been draining my energy and I feel like ''why even bother?''. I try to remain positive but it is really difficult when you get slapped in your face with rejection twice in 1 day (job-wise).

This is really exhausting and I have been wanting to film new videos for you but I just can't. I seem to not have the energy for it and also I just feel like crying every single time I try to do something. Hiding behind a computer screen and typing is so much easier. 

I shall stop talking about my problems and just get on with what this post has been all about. 

Black Friday, a day/weekend of amazing deals (typically in the US) where my inner shopaholic has trouble trying to control herself but at the same time is so excited about everything that it goes surfing on the net all day to see what deals she can bag herself without overspending (because frankly I really cannot afford it). 

So onto my amazing finds from my favorite webshops. 

Fortune Cookie Soap; first 30 shoppers got free shipping (this was gone in an instant) but other deals are 50% off their fortune cookie soaps and buy 2 get 1 free (basically mix & match and get your cheapest product free) 

Sigma Beauty; I love their brushes a lot! I shall do an updated foundation routine soon using their brushes. They offer free shipping worldwide! (code; BF2012) unfortunately you won't be able to use the 10% off code.

Sedona Lace; I have not ordered from them before but I have been eyeing up their brushes for forever! And they are half off actually everything on their website is half off. (I won't be getting anything, as said before no finances for it) Also they were giving away free eyeshadow this has now sold out what a bummer :-(

BH Cosmetics; Another website I have not ordered from before but I really do want to, they have up to 60% off on their products. (I have heard amazing reviews) I also saw they have like pre-made sets which are a complete steal as well. 

MUA (MakeUp Academy); They did had their 35% off + free shipping last week but they still have an offer of 3 for 2 on any product. 

River Island; I really like their shop when I was living in the UK, and I still do. They are offering free shipping worldwide!

ASOS; they have a discountcode for 25% off their entire range. Code is 25OFF I have to warn you, you can only use the code once when you have placed an order. Of course they still have free shipping.  

TopShop; This is one of my favorite stores in the world! I love their on-trend style of clothing, although some of their items can be a tad overpriced. But they are offering free shipping worldwide on all orders! (I already placed an order, did not buy any clothes but a couple of accessories)

So if you have any other deals that you think I should know off. Please let me know in the comments down below.

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