Sunday, 25 November 2012

Project Samples end of Week 2

Hi dolls,

It is the end of week 2 of Project Samples and I have a small review of the samples I tried this week.

I do have to admit, I totally forgot to take a picture of the empty packaging today and by the time I am writing this it is already night time. And using flash does not work as the foil packets reflect the lighting so I am just going to use the previous picture.

This weekend really started out crap and just continued on, because you know bad luck comes and just stays for a while just because it wants to. So now onto the products.

The first one is the Davidoff Cool Water perfume, it is a nice fresh perfume for every day. Nothing special, not really my thing because I prefer more sweet and spicier scents.

The second sample is the Clinique Super Moisture MakeUp sample in 06 Neutral, I have to admit with all the craziness of this week. I totally overlooked this sample, hence this sample will be continued on to week 3.

The third sample is the SebaMed every day shampoo, I did not like this that much. I think guys would be more interested in this because it has more of a citrus/fresh scent to it. It does nothing special to your hair, the only plus is the fact it contains 0% perfume so it is great for people who are alergic to perfumes.

The fourth sample is the SebaMed bodylotion, once again I did not care for this that much. The body lotion was very watery in texture instead of it being a proper lotion or in my eyes lotions are a bit more thicker in formula than that. But I guess it is nice for when you have sensitive skin which is prone to scented lotions. It has a pleasant soap scent to it, kind of reminds me of baby body lotion.

So in conclusion, I shall not buy any of these samples in full size. Although I cannot judge my Clinique sample just yet, so stay tuned for that review.

So that was it for week 2, as you can read. I did not care for most of the things and really this week cannot be going by quick enough right now. I hope everyone else had an amazing week! Love you all for reading my blog, it really does mean a lot to me. 


  1. I never end up using my samples unless I'm going away. I feel so bad when I get them.

    1. Yeah which is way, I started this project. Because otherwise I would not use any of my samples..


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