Friday, 16 November 2012

GHD Straighteners Available in the Netherlands!

Hi dolls,

great news for my Dutch followers, GHD straighteners are now available at

No I am not advertising for them. I actually really like GHD straighteners, they have been on my wishlist forever!! I know for a fact that they are amazing quality and really are 1 of the best type of straighteners out there. When I was living in Scotland, 1 of my friends had one and she continued to rave about it and really said it was the best straightener she ever owned. And when I save up the money, I will most definitely get one for myself. Also I love the fact they come out with special editions for particular holidays or even charities. So definitely worth checking out.

Also Katy Perry is their spokes person, who doesn't like Katy Perry!

John GHD Straighteners

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