Monday, 17 January 2011

First blog post of the new year

Ok it is official, I suck at keeping a blog. This is just horrible, it has been weeks. But then again I did kinda predict this for myself. I somehow just lose the interest into every single website I make.

So as far as everything goes, I have been fairly busy. I will tell you about it once everything has been made official. Not everything has been done just yet, hopefully then I will have more interesting things to tell you. And maybe some more time, but probably not. I will at least make an attempt out of it anyway.

On to something more interesting, I have been watching Sex and the City series from the beginning. My favorite quote so far is Samantha saying ''Front or back a hole is a hole''. This is just a great quote for so many reasons. It was said in season 1, can't remember which episode though. But I think it was one of the first couple of episodes anyway. Every time I watch these series, I just want to get dolled up and dressed up like them. Just so I can be as glamorous as them. But then again, I can never ever afford a lifestyle like that. For various reasons one of them is being jobless. And frankly have little to no money at all depending on the time and what I have bought previously lol. And I am currently just craving for a cocktail, anyhow. Hopefully I will try and update again this week and then hopefully with a more exciting post.

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