Sunday, 24 July 2011

Back from Shanghai

Hi everyone,

I have been neglecting my blog soo much, I am so sorry for anyone who does bother reading this blog. I can't believe I didn't even update once when I was in Shanghai. Although there was no access to this blog I have a VPN so I do actually go on this blog.

I am however planning on getting this blog back on track, although I had difficulty in actually keeping up blogs.

So I have been back from Shanghai for almost a week now, but I already can't wait to go back. Because it is so boring over here in Holland, and the weather is horrible. It has been raining and it has been really cold as well. Although I think Shanghai is actually too hot in the summer and humid as well. And also all of my friends have basically left Shanghai, but thankfully they will be back after the summer holidays. Although some of them have left and will be in their own countries doing their thing. They will be missed and next semester is not going to be the same without them all there. That is the down side of studying abroad, you always have to say goodbye to friends. But some friends you have made for life and it is always good to have another holiday destination. Anyways a new post will follow soon, I promise.

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