Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Huge Beauty & Fashion Haul (incl. Nars, H&M, Michael Kors etc.)

Hi dolls,

I have 2 haul videos for you, I do have to warn you prepare to take about half an hour if you want to see both videos as they are quite long.

The first is from what I won in a Nars Facebook Giveaway. In this prize I won 3 gift sets from the Andy Warhol Nars collection.

The second is a collective haul including beauty products and fashion products. I have bought quite a few things at H&M, some beauty products from Lush and also Stila and MUA with their special promo. 

Enjoy the hauls!! They both open in new windows. Let me know what you have been buying during the sales


  1. I love the Nars gift sets! Amazing!

  2. Lucky girl!!!Love Nars.
    i'll watch the both video tomorrow,
    BTw love the lipstick color tooo


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