Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Upcoming & Resolutions in 2013

Hi dolls,

so today's post I want to dedicate on what I have planned for this blog in 2013 and some of my New Year's Resolutions. I know these are always a pain and really hard to live by, but I am hoping by writing it all down I might actually follow them this time.

So upcoming for this year, I am planning to do more makeup tutorials for my channel. As I only have a couple of them online. I want to make more comperative review videos on some more settled products that have been around a bit longer. I also want to make more first impressions videos, so I can give you my honest what do I think of it right now after 1 use opinion on some products both newer and older products that are new for me of course. 
Of course I will be continuing my project samples on this blog, I think it has been a great success overall looking back on the 6 weeks I did do it last year.
I am hoping to reach a nice round number on here, for a giveaway. My next YouTube giveaway will be on 1000 subscribers (it is going to be huge).

Now onto my resolutions, 

  • I will only be subscribed to maximum 2 beautyboxes per month (this does not count the boxes given to me for review purposes)
  • Spend less money, try to save a bit more. a.k.a. only buy things that I really really want and have on my wishlist. So no more spending without thinking about it.
  • Have to have a job! This is number 1 on my list, I have to find a job ASAP!!! I have been on the hunt for a job for over a year now. And I am sick of hearing, sorry we went with someone with more experience. Or you are overqualified for this job. Like seriously, wtf?! So yeah find a job, whether it is full time or part time I need to find a job.
  • Of course trying to get fit has to be one of the ones on here as well.
  • What else... of course it would be nice if my love life would take off a little bit... At the moment it is pretty non existent. 
  • Make sure I get to see some of my friends that are in a different country!! I haven't seen some of them in years and it is about time I get to see them again. 
  • Make more blog friends and YouTube friends <3 I think that is the last one.
Now what are your new year's resolutions? Or are you not into that thing at all? 


  1. It's hard to find a job right now. No one is ever qualified. My favourite is entry level positions that want 5 years of experience.

  2. Great post && great new years resolutions!

  3. Great post, and good luck with the beauty boxes!! So far I have resisted subscribing, although it has been very tough!!

    I have an international giveaway on my blog, hope you will enter;

  4. The more I think to spend less money the more good offer I got everyday.It's kind of addiction to all of us!!
    HAppy New Year.Hope you'll stick with the resolution!!!
    HAve a wonderful year,sweety!

  5. I hope you are able to achieve all your goals in 2013!! Don't feel bad for the nonexsitent love life. I'm in the same boat! :)

    I hope you're having a great week and a Happy New Year! Thank you so much for linking up to last week's Aloha Friday Blog Hop!! I'm following you. If you have time, we'd love to have you come and link up to the Aloha Friday Blog Hop if you haven't already! (Thank you so very much if you've already linked up, I truly appreciate it!!) Come and link up and celebrate the coming weekend with us! Aloha, Jean {What Jean Likes}

  6. Happy New Year to you!! Great post!! Saving money and of course make more contacts and friends through the blogosphere are two of my resolutions! :)

    And thank you so much for joining my January Blog Hop!!

    - Ashley Elizabeth
    ( )


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