Thursday, 24 January 2013

Glossybox & Truly Yours January Unboxing Videos

Hi dolls,

Today I uploaded a total of 3 videos onto my channel. For the first one I will create a seperate post as I put a lot more effort into that one.

The other two I recorded really quickly and did some quick editing and then waited for the rendering to be completed which took as always forever!! But today I came back from the gym and both Glossybox and the Truly Yours box were waiting for me as I got home. I was super excited and had to open them both right away so I figured I would do it on camera. Even though I was still in my gym outfit and had not showered yet... I know eeeeewwwwhhh lol. So I apologize in advance for my appearance.

The Glossybox, which I kinda knew was going to be a Valentine's edition so I was looking forward to that.

(opens in new window)

The next is the Truly Yours box, which this month's box was also exciting as it is their 1 year anniversary box. The box itself is truly a work of art.

(opens in new window)


  1. All those doubles! That sucks! I love how nice they wrap everything though.

  2. Is Glossy Box available in the US?

    Following from the Blog Hop.


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