Monday, 25 June 2012

New segment

Hi dolls,

Today I want to introduce and re-introduce a segment just for mondays. I want to call Movie Monday and Music Monday. Each monday I will do one of these segments, just to put some more variety into my blog because it has been focused on beauty a little too much lately. Although it has attracted more visitors to my blog I still want to blog about what I find interesting instead of just focusing on beauty which is not only time consuming but also very expensive especially when it comes to trying out new products. Of course you will still get the beauty posts but weekly there will be more variety. 

So to start off, I will be doing a Movie Monday. This movie was marketed to be amazing and there were sequels planned before it even came out in theaters. I am talking about the movie ''John Carter'' I watched this the other day and I have to say the concept and the idea is good and I understand why the books can be very popular. But it is one of those movies that when you have not read the book, you are basically clueless for the first half of the movie and by the time everything clicks the movie is almost over. 

I think overall the concept of John Carter is good but the execution could be much better and I expect better from a Disney movie. It could potentially be a TV series, because there is so much to tell. But as a movie I would not recommend it. 

So basically Mondays will be either Movie Monday which will be reviews of the latest movies I watched or Music Monday where I share my latest music obsession.  

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