Friday, 29 June 2012

New OPI Neon Polishes

Hi dolls,

OPI has followed with the Neon Craze that has been going this summer. And they have released a cute all in one neon mini pack so you don't have to worry about only choosing one neon color you will get 4 colors!

I am a fan of these mini packs because you don't have to spend money on just a full size which I have never finished anyways. And especially for the limited edition ones, they are usually on-trend for like one season anyways so for me there is no point into buying all the colors full size and full price. 

Credit to OPI NL for letting me use this image

But I do have to say these neon colors look so fun to play with! Except maybe the purple, don't know if that is a real neon color.

The collection is called ''Outrageous Neons'' and you will get the following polishes.

First you will get a special Neon White Base, which you apply so your color will pop out even more and you also get a top coat so your nails look NEON for longer.

The first color is called ''Ridiculously Yellow'' which is a bright yellow color as the name implies.
The second color is called ''Formidably Orange'' which is a bright orange color. (This color would have been great if Holland would still be in the Eurocup 2012)
The third color is called ''Riotously Pink'' which is a bright pink color.
The fourth color is called ''Seriously purple'' I have to say it looks kinda dark to me. But maybe when you apply it won't look so dark.

These colors will be available from now on so go get you some if you have been eying up some of these neon color polishes.

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  1. I love OPI minis! I'll probably end up buying these :) xx


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