Saturday, 2 June 2012

My TV obsession for the week

Hi dolls,

It has been a very slow week for me on the beauty front this week. And also on the fashion front it has been a while, I have decided however. To keep my fashion addiction to a minimum, but I think I will still keep you guys updated on my favorites. I will definitely will be having some updates on the beauty front next week. As reviews on my May Glossy Box that I received last week. Unboxing video of that can be found in an earlier post.

But my TV obsession for this week has been Ringer, a CW show with Sarah Michelle Gellar in the lead role. She plays a twin role where she obviously plays both of the twins and to be honest the cast of the show is amazing! The story lines however are a little bit rough. I am currently half way through the season and I am not just watching it because I want it to finish and want to know what the ending is like. Even though it is not my favorite I do have to call it an obsession because I have to watch it just so I know how it ends. 

I feel bad for the actors of the show but the show did not get a second season and will not get a renewal. I think this is fair, as the show started out ok, midway is pretty good and I think it will be going downhill again towards the end. I love Sarah Michelle Gellar, and it sucks that her show is ending like this. But I hope she will be either doing some movie roles or another TV show soon. 

Let me know what you all think of the show, or another recommendation of what I should watch next.

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