Thursday, 31 May 2012

I received my Number 4 Hair Care sample

Hi dolls,

If you read one of my previous posts. I posted a link to get your own Number 4 Hair care sample. And I received mine in the mail the other day. It was so fast, normally with samples they take forever! But it literally took a couple of days.

If you like to know which sample I picked and how to get your own sample please continue.

I went on the website and have gotten the Fluoro5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil, after using a few oils I am so excited about trying out more oils to see which one I like. 

This is what it says on their website ''Lightweight, hair repair treatment serum illuminates hair with time-defying shine – the new must have fashion & beauty staple. Our new 5th element – Fluorosilicones – resist time by repelling natural oils to maintain lightweight shine all day.''

I can't wait to try out, of course I will try to do a short review for you all.

Get your own free sample right here; (for Europeans only sorry rest of the world, maybe you could try your number 4 hair website maybe they offer free samples as well)

Let me know which sample you got and what you thought of it.

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