Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Desperate Housewives Series Finale Review

Hi dolls,

I finally have gotten the time to watch and review the Desperate Housewives series finale. Because yesterday was my 24th birthday and I was of course celebrating and eating cake and getting gifts. So I had no time to watch it and post a review. I was actually planning to do a post yesterday but I was too tired and fell asleep.

Don't continue if you have not watched the finale because there will be spoilers.
Ok first of all we continued with the murder trial of Bree. I have to say Gaby was hilarious trying to keep Carlos away from the court room. But what a wonderful thing mrs. McClusky did for the girls. It brought tears to my eyes when she confessed and when the girls decided to take care of her because she wanted to die at home and not in a senior's home. 

Of course Lynette and Tom got back together, which was a finally!!! I have been waiting for those two to get back together ever since they separated in the first place. They were one of those power couples that have fought through all the sickness and the setbacks and the career changes and still live through it. So I was so excited to see them back together. Lynette got a job offer from Katherine to move to New York and because CEO of her company in the US, she eventually did and we saw her flash forward shouting at her six grand children.

Renee and Ben finally got married and we never saw them at the end of the flash forward but then again they were never part of the original four.

Bree and Tripp (her lawyer) got together and saw them got married and move in the flash forward. And Bree running for local council and actually winning.

Julie gave birth, and we saw her and Susan move away from Wisteria Lane with all the people who died on the street or on the show I have to say. Watching over them (kinda creepy to be honest).

Gaby and Carlos lived happily ever after arguing as usual. She has a home shopping channel called Gaby's Closet, which Carlos helped her with. I assume he might have given up on his charity work, or maybe he is multi tasking.

So overall, it was a good episode. I was crying of happiness but also of sadness. It completed the run and ended most story lines. What I did find peculiar was when Julie was in labor, both Gaby and Renee were there so I would assume they would have told Lynette and Tom at the wedding. But no Porter ran in and had to tell Lynette and Tom. I mean it is a pretty huge thing to keep from your best friend, especially if you are running that late to the wedding.

Anyways, I am sad to see such a wonderful show end. But it had a good run. Let me know your thoughts on the show/episode in the comments down below.

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