Wednesday, 23 May 2012

New sample box; Blend Box (coming soon)

Hi dolls,

Just a short post saying that I have signed up for the Blend Box today. Their website officially launched today and it was total chaos! 

please continue to read the rest of my horror experience

Yesterday they stated on their twitter that the launch would be at 6 am but because people complained about it being too early they moved up the time to 9 am and of course as your beauty loving blogger I was online at 9 am and ready to order the box and then the website crashed!!! *Shock! Horror!!* They then stated on their twitter that we should be patient and just try again later, a couple minutes later their server completely took down the website. But luckily an hour or two later the website was back online and I finally got to check out the service for their payment system failed! That crashed as well! The website crashing wasn't enough now the bank's website crashes as well! But finally I managed to get my hands on one of the boxes. If everything goes to plan.... *fingers crossed*

You probably ask, why would I go through so much trouble to get my hands on that box? Well the promises that they made and when they said their box was going to be focused on cosmetics I was sold! Especially when their temporarily promo website had brands like Nars, Stila, Bobbi Brown, Benefit and so on. So that sounds really good doesn't it? And then they also said on their twitter as a sneak preview that they would include 3 full size products! But let's not get our hopes up just yet, we'll see when the box comes in, in June. 

Oh yeah it is a monthly subscription box and for the very first box you pay 10 euro and the boxes after that are € 11,95 which is not too bad. Rest of the boxes are € 12,50 and € 12,95 not much of a difference but for people who are on a tight budget it makes every difference. 

So for my May month, I will be getting the Truly Yours box and the Glossy box. There is one other box called the Beauty box but I have decided after I like the Blend box or not I will probably cancel my Glossy box. Because for now, I think 2 boxes per month is plenty. 

Anyways the 2 boxes for May will be shipped sometime this week, so I will get it either end of this week or beginning of next week so watch my blog and watch my YouTube channel because I will definitely be posting.

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