Tuesday, 29 May 2012

*Shocking* I just discovered MTV's Awkward

Hi dolls,

Today I want to talk about the MTV show Awkward, I never really bothered about this show just because I already follow so many shows. But now that I have gotten the time, I am hooked! I finished the entire season in just a day, although it only consists of 12 episodes and each episode only last around the 21 minute mark. So it really is not that long, but the show is great. This show premiered last year and this year season 2 will be coming on June 28th I will definitely be watching. 

If you like your typical teen drama with a sense of humor tv shows then this is your show! Probably a lot of you all have seen it before but the show is pretty easy to follow and basically it revolves around the character Jenna played by Ashley Rickards who you might recognize from One Tree Hill! Another favorite of mine. Ok so Jenna is this girl who is not very popular but gradually becomes more popular by scandal. First scandal is her attempted suicide in which she basically slips in the bathroom and breaks her arm, and she needs to wear a cast in which her arm position is really awkward hence the name of the tv show, of course more awkward moments follow. You have the usual mean girls, dumb girl, bff, the guy she is in love with, love triangle, and parents who think they are still 16 years old. Your usual teen drama but with a lot of humor, I just love it. I just don't understand why MTV renewed the show for a season 2 only with 12 episodes. I want more!!! But we'll see where the level of the show will be in season 2, usually when season 1 is amazing... 2 is not so much... 

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