Friday, 18 May 2012

First Eyes Lips Face (ELF) Haul

Hi dolls,

Today my order from ELF finally arrived! I was so excited and then I had to wait to unpack because I wanted to record it for my youtube channel viewers. 

Go to my YouTube Channel here for the video of my ELF haul. 

So what did I purchase;

- Eyeshadow brush #1815 (1 euro/1 dollar line)
- Eyeshadow smudge brush #1825 (1 euro/1 dollar line)
- Eyeshadow blending brush #1803 (1 euro/1 dollar line)
- Lip brush (1 euro/1 dollar line)
- Stiple brush (from their studio line)
- Eyelash curler (1 euro/1 dollar line)
- Daily brush cleanser
- 32 eyeshadows palette (from their studio line)
- Lip pencil in the color Natural Blush (1 euro/1 dollar line)
- Shimmer eyeliner pencil in the color Twinkle Teal (1 euro/1 dollar line)
- Hypershine lipgloss in the color Bubblegum (1 euro/1 dollar line)
- Lipstick in the color Flirtatious (1 euro/1 dollar line)
- Zit Zapper
- Eyelid primer in Sheer (1 euro/1 dollar line)
- High definition powder (from their studio line)
- Contouring blush and bronzer (from their studio line)

Their 32 eyeshadows palette looks like this;

The greyish in the middle is actually purple but it doesn't show on these photos.

If there are any request for reviews on a specific product please let me know in the comments. Or watch my youtube video and comment on there and I will make sure I will do a thorough review on it.

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