Tuesday, 26 June 2012

My ASOS Sale Wish List

Hi dolls,

As I mentioned yesterday the ASOS sale is on. And although I am not allowed from myself to spend any money right now. I still made a wish list of all the items that I want. All of the items mentioned will be under the 20 euros mark because I like a bargain and lets say if your budget is 100 euros you can buy multiple items. And some of the items will only be on-trend for just one season and I personally believe it would be a waste of money to spend too much.

So first of, I am in love with skater type dresses. They are cute and girly and usually don't show too much skin and they fit any body type.

This cute skater dress is from the ASOS collection, and it is perfect for the summer. It is on-trend with its bright pink color with nice floral print. This dress was € 29,87 but is now € 14,93 the link to the dress is here. (p.s. doesn't the model look a bit funny to you in this shot?)

Yes another skater type dress, this one is by Vero Moda and I think this can be perfect for more summer evening cocktail hour. It has an open back but you can't tell in this picture. This dress was € 27,15 and is now € 16,29 link to the dress can be found here.

If you want to go along with that bold floral print, but think trousers/pants are a bit too much, this skirt is a great alternative. I love the colors in this and you can pair with almost any color. The skirt is by River Island and was € 16,29 but is now € 10,86 and you can find the skirt here.

This top I just love! I love the colors, I love the unusual print. It is perfect for the summer, you can dress it up, you can dress it down. The possibilities with this top is endless I feel. The top is from the ASOS collection and was € 24,44 and is now € 12,22 and it is available here.

This is a body item. When I saw this I immediately had to think about the Stella McCartney dresses that every celebrity with curves is wearing right now. But because it is a body, you can choose your own bottom to wear with it, do you want to go for a tough look wear it with some nice skinny jeans. You can wear it more girly with a nice flare skirt. Or if you want to accentuate your curves you can wear a nice pencil skirt or a mini bodycon skirt with it and you will be stopping traffic so to speak. This body was € 33,94 but is now € 12,22 if that is not a sale I don't know what is. Oh yeah it is from the ASOS collection and it can be found here.

The last item that I put on my wish list is this orange laptop case clutch. I don't think a laptop will fit in there maybe an ipad or a small netbook but definitely not a laptop. I actually love it as a clutch, even though it is pretty big for a clutch at least you don't have the problem that all your essentials don't fit. I love the faux animal leather look and the metal bar just looks so chic. It makes the case/clutch look so expensive. This is from the ASOS collection and it was € 27,15 but is now € 13,58 and you can find it here.

If you like these posts let me know, and I will do more posts similar to these. I love a good bargain and I hope you do too. I hope you enjoyed this post and don't forget to comment! xoxox

Disclaimer: Photos all taken from the ASOS website

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