Thursday, 28 June 2012

Sakura Soap Giveaway

Hi dolls, 

As I previously mentioned I am doing a small Sakura Zeep giveaway. Which is open internationally. So anyone can enter. Please do read the rules first :-)

Rules for giveaway;
1.   Need to be subscriber
2.   Leave a comment below so I know you are entering
3.   If you are under 18 please ask your parents permission
This giveaway is open internationally and will be open until the 10th of July.

And here is the Sakura Soap Giveaway video. 

For extra chances,
Follow my blog on bloglovin and/or google friend connect and leave me a comment at the giveaway post so I know you are entering.
Follow me on twitter @ellenyu88 and tweet me #elly4ugiveaway so I know you have entered the giveaway.

More giveaways will follow. So it is up to you if you want to follow me or not. Good luck!

If you want to go take a look at the soaps yourself go to and use the code ‘’ellenyu’’ for a 10% off your purchase.

Here is the Sakura Soap Giveaway video.


  1. hi there :D
    first thing, i adore the way you speak on youtube vid,
    tbh, that's the first reason i join your giveaway :D
    and yes, i'd love to subscribe your blog and your youtube acc as well :D
    well, have a nice day Ellen :D

    ps, i've followed your twitter as well under olaherself account. gonna mention you so you can notice me maybe? :) x!

      that's my blog just in case you want to check it later in the future :p

    2. Thank you :-) makes me so happy that you like my videos and that you enjoy my blog. I will definitely check your blog out and I have entered you 3 times for the giveaway

  2. hey i followed your blog!
    it's lovely!
    and i am already a subscriber and i followed you on twitter as well!

    checkout my blog too

    1. Thank you for saying that means a lot to me :-) I will definitely check out your blog. And I have entered you 3 times into the giveaway


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