Friday, 22 June 2012

ELF has 20% off their studio line

Hi dolls,

Just a quick post saying that ELF Cosmetics Dutch website is now having a rare 20% off on their studio line with the code; MUSIQUE

I do have to say the shipping is quite expensive so be careful with that. I think it is either 6 or 7 euro so if you are not planning on a bigger order it is not really worth it. I still think it is so unfair that the US website get such amazing offers and the Dutch site gets nothing basically! Or they announce it on their facebook, which obviously not everyone checks. They told me that I had to sign up for their newsletter but I did with 2 different emails and still no email! I did receive the confirmation email though, but I think more people have the same problem.... I just hope ELF fix it.

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