Sunday, 24 June 2012


Hi dolls,

Today I have an exclusive for you guys. I mentioned in a previous post the web shop ''Sakura Zeep'', which is a soap web shop, much like the famous ''Lush''. Sakura Zeep, makes hand made soap and other things that basically made to order. Which probably takes an extra couple days but then again you do receive a specially made for you soap. They have soaps which you can customize to your liking. You can choose the scents, the colors it is amazing! I keep going to their webshop and just looking at everything which just looks so yum!! As you know I placed an order and I am currently waiting for my order to arrive, I placed it on Friday so probably will be getting it on Tuesday or Wednesday. Because I placed it during the weekend. 

Their customer service is amazing, you can ask anything through twitter or just emailing. They respond super fast. Once you have placed the order you receive a confirmation and if your order can go through normal mail, they send you an email asking whether you want it by normal post mail or package mail because normal post mail is half the price. So that is amazing, some web shops basically don't care and will just send it by package or even normal mail but still charge you the package mail price. 

So yeah for the exclusive, with every order you place with the code ''ellenyu'' you will receive a 10% off your order. This only applies to your order without shipping but shipping is pretty cheap considering they are shipping soap and that is pretty heavy. Go to the webshop and just browse around, I do have to warn you. You will not leave the webshop without ordering anything lol. 

Of course once my order is in, I will be doing a haul video and review. 

I do have to say they currently only offer shipping to Belgium and the Netherlands, but you can always ask them if they can ship to your country and how much it will costs. You can send them an email on this email address; or you can tweet them @SakuraZeep

Happy Shopping! Don't forget to use the ''ellenyu'' discount code for your 10% off! 

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