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Truly Yours Box May 2012 Review

Hi dolls,

I know I posted the review for my May Glossy box just over a week ago. And I was actually planning on posting the review for the Truly Yours box a couple days after but it got delayed. But here it is! The theme for the May box was ''Fun and Games''.

If you would like to watch my unboxing video of this box then go here.

My first item in my box was the Number 4 Lumiere d'hiver Clarifying Shampoo. I had never heard of this brand of hair care before so it was a nice surprise to try it out. Especially because it did not contain any chemicals that could potentially be dangerous to human, animals or the environment. A very green shampoo! It smells really nice (I have no clue on describing the smell, it is sweet but not overly sweet. It actually reminds me of a nice perfume but I forgot the name...) It is easy to use and it makes my hair softer. I just don't know if I would pay full price for this product. As it is rather expensive (will list prices at the end of the post). I also received a sachet of the L'eau de Mare hydrating condition conditioner, it smells nice just like the shampoo. Only good for one use so not much to say about it.

My second item in the box was the Gamila Secret Cleansing Bar in the smell Lavender Heaven. Let me say this, it smells like lavender heaven. Ok I don't know if such a thing exist but if it did, it probably smell like this cleansing bar. It looks like a soap, but it is not an actual soap. Although you can use it like a soap. You can use it as a soap, shaving cream, facial mask, and as a scrub. What a multi-tasker we got here. The cleansing bar is made out of herbs and olive oil so it is really good for your skin. I have not used this yet because I am busy using all my other soaps, I don't like using a soap half way and then just laying there collecting dust and what not. But it has sitting in my room and my entire room smells like lavender heaven. (Not everyone got this product as there was some questions about that, some received the foot cream)

My third product in the box was the Impress Press-On Manicure By Broadway the Nicole Scherzinger edition. I received this dark red color, which I have not used yet. Because it is totally not a spring/summer color. It is too dark, even though I like dark shades. This is too dark. Maybe Truly Yours should think about that a little bit more before putting them in the boxes. Also I feel like the press-on nails feel really fake and plasticy. If you have long nails, this product is not for you as it is more for short nails (although then it probably looks like you are wearing fake nails) or medium/long nails but some of the ends have that ugly plastic excess stuck to it.... Not so happy about that.

My fourth product in the box was the Montagne Jeunesse face masks (minpack of 3). I was so excited about receiving these because I love their masks and it saves me going out and buying them. I like the fact that we did not just got one mask but the three of them. I received the peeling mask, fruit smoothie (crushed raspberry) and the blemish mud (pressed aloe). I used two of them already and love them. Your face feels so much more clean and relaxed after wards. I definitely recommend these. And also Truly Yours, I would like to see more peel off masks in my box (I love my peel off masks they are so much fun to peel off!!!)

My fifth product in the box was the Lavertu Lipstick Excellent in the color Yellow. Yes you read it right, I received Yellow! It literally looks like a yellow lipstick! But as soon as you put it on, it changes into a nice pinky shade. The packaging looks cheap and something from the 80s, but its a fun product and a nice change. And I love receiving make up in my boxes!!!

Oh yeah there was an extra item in the box which was as sample of the Jil Sander Eve perfume. Which smells super nice! It is a nice extra, I am happy they did not count this as one of their five products because that would be disappointing.

Overall it was a pretty good box. Although I think this month Glossy box might had a slightly better box. But I love some of the products that came in this box.

The products are worth;
1; Number 4 Mini Darling Lumiere D'Hiver Clarifying Shampoo (€ 8,00) 50ml the full size costs € 36,05 for 250 ml. Number 4 Sachet of L'eau De Mare (€ 1,14) 7,5ml the full size costs € 37,95 for 250ml.
2; Gamila Secret Cleansing Bar in Laveder Heaven (€ 22,95) 115gr Full size
3; Impress Press On Manicure By Broadway Nicole Scherzinger Edition (€ 9,99) set of 24 nails Full size
4; Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks Mini-pack of Three (€ 5,25) Full size
5; Lavertu Lipstick Excellent (€ 6,90) Full size
Extra; Jil Sander - Eve perfume sample (€ 1,29) 1,2 ml the full size costs € 53,55 for 50ml

The entire box was was worth € 55,52 and the subscription is € 12,95 a month and you can cancel any month you like. 

To go to the Truly Yours website click here.

My Truly Yours unboxing video can be found here and My Glossy Box unboxing video here. Don't forget to like and subscribe. Also if you would like to read my Glossy Box Review go here. (All links will open in new window)

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