Thursday, 26 July 2012

The OPI Just Spotted CRAZE!

Hi dolls,

I was reading the other day about a nail polish... And you might wonder why I would be just reading an entire article about 1 nail polish... This OPI polish has marked something really crazy! You might know which one I am talking about. It is the Just Spotted from the Spiderman collection from OPI. This nail polish was sold through a limited amount of stores only and only in a few countries. But now it has taken over Ebay, this nail polish retails for over 5 times it's normal retail value!!! I know crazy right?! 

I mean I have a love for nailpolish but would you go as far as 50 dollars for just 1 nail polish? I put down an image of the nail polish. It is really pretty and it is pretty unusual. But considering how popular it is, all we have to do is wait for more of these special nailpolishes to come out. I know other brands will follow. 

So you wonder what this nail polish does? Well the nail polish itself has like a dual/triple tone color in it but then it also gives a spotted effect within the nail polish after you have applied it. Pretty cool... If I ever find this nail polish in Sephora, you bet there will be swatches of this.


  1. I have never heard of this nail polish o0
    I did hear about Just spotted the Lizard! who is also very populair. Do you know where I can find a swatch picture of this nail polish?
    I'm very curious !

    1. It is the ''Just spotted the lizard'' I didn't put the lizard behind it, because I totally forgot lol. It looks so pretty! I would google it, but I think you have seen it before.


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