Saturday, 7 July 2012

Boohoo, I fell and hurt myself.... :'-(

Hi dolls,

I cannot believe this but I basically fell flat on my knees and hands and now they hurt so much! I cannot believe this happened. I wanted to do a video to show you what I bought today, as I went shopping a little bit and the other day as well. But I can barely type with this and also there is no way I can do swatches. My head just felt so light and I couldn't concentrate, I think I have low blood sugar or something like that. Because my mom gave me a piece of candy and I felt better right away. Lets just hope my hands feel better tomorrow and maybe I can record a video then. 

I will not go on about the pain I am in. But I went to Sephora today and bought a couple of things in their sale. OMG I love Sephora!!! I just wish they had a store near me, this store is an hour drive away... (That is really far in Holland because if you go from North to South in Holland it will be a 3 hour drive. 

Anyhow I won't go on for much longer, if you have not entered my giveaway. Go do it because it will end on the 10th of July Sakura Soap Giveaway

Love you dollies! xoxox Ellen

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