Monday, 2 July 2012

Music Monday

Hi dolls,

It is Monday the start of a new week. And I am going to be starting this week with Music Monday, you probably have been listening to this as much as I do. I have been listening to this all of last week, and it is so catchy and it just sticks in your head and I love the lyrics.

I am talking about the lovely Katy Perry with her single ''Wide Awake''. To be honest I am actually been wanting to check out her movie as well, I normally kind of hate those celebrities documentaries about their tours and stuff especially with those big releases just because it is all so staged and they want to make some extra money. But I kinda want to see the Katy Perry one because in the promos it is shown her true self without all the make-up etc. Also she lets you in on the news of her divorce, I know a lot of celebrities would have stayed as far away from that footage as possible. Anyways I will stop rambling and let you enjoy the video which currently has 21 million views already. 

I love her end make-up look should I do a tutorial on that? I don't want to do a tutorial on her darker look because so many have done that already.

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