Monday, 30 July 2012

OPI's real expensive nail polish!

Hi dolls,

OPI announced that they would be doing a James Bond collection in honour of James Bond 50th anniversary. And now it was revealed that one of the polishes is really special. It contains 18k gold leaf and is actually packaged in a nice shiny gold bottle. 

The nail polish is kinda like a top coat like the shatter polishes but gives a much nicer effect. I have seen photo of it and it is so pretty. Now you might wonder what the nail polish would be called? It is called ''The Man With The Golden Gun'' a very fitting name for the polish. 

The price however is a bit pricey. I think this polish will be retailing for around 30 US dollars and around 25 euros. Yes I know very pricey, but then again 18k gold is not cheap either so.

Would you buy it?

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