Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sunday Night Pamper Night

Hi dolls,

So on Sundays I love to relax and pamper myself a little bit with a nice face mask/foot bath or a lil manicure. I thought it would be nice to let you know what I do for my sunday foot bath.

I try to do this foot bath on a weekly base but sometimes I am too lazy or just completely forget because I have 10 million things on my mind. A foot bath is a great way to let your feet relax, after all your feet take the most beating from your entire body. It takes your entire body weight, it keeps your balance and in the winter they are closed off in shoes and socks all day every day. 

Step 1. I usually fill a small tub with hot water from the tap. You can also boil hot water and mix it with cold water from the tap. Just be careful you don't burn yourself! Make sure the water is hot not just warm because the water cools off really fast.
Step 2. I like to add some bath salt in the water. I don't have a bath tub and this way my bath salt will have a use for something. It makes my feet soft and it smells nice! (If you don't have bath salt, you can put in some scent oil of your choice to make it smell good.) Or if you have a bar of soap, cut off a small piece and put it in the water. The water will smell good and because you are letting your feet soak it will make your feet soft.
Extra step. You can also use a foot scrub after the soak, to make your feet even softer and rinse that off.
Step 3. Let your feet soak for about 10-15 min, depending how long the water stays hot or how long you feel like it. Don't forget to put a towel in your reach because you don't want to get up and walk around the house with wet feet looking for a towel!
Step 4. After those 10-15 min. I take my feet out dry your feet with the towel and leave them to air dry for a couple of more minutes until you think they are ready for a good foot file to get rid of the dead skin that accumulates on your feet. (No need to do this every just when you think it is necessary)
Step 5. Either after the soak or after the foot file, make sure you moisturize your feet with a good thick moisturizer. I either use a body butter or moisturizer for dry skin, just be careful you don't start walking around straight after applying you could slip and hurt yourself. So let your feet take in the moisturizer. 

Of course you can give yourself a pedicure after a nice foot bath or relax some more put your feet up and enjoy a movie or something on TV or just listening to some music or reading a book/magazine.

Hope you liked this post. Let me know what you guys do on your sunday nights

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