Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Project Samples Week 6

Hi dolls,

this week's project samples is not going to be very exciting mostly because my skin is having an off-week and need to use my trusted products in order to get it back in shape. Therefore no skincare products this week, hopefully I might be able to do some next week. But I am not sure yet, as it will be Christmas and to be honest I will be so busy I don't know if I will be able to do all of the testing and also have some other things I want to test out and review for you all. So I might just skip next week. But we'll see.

Anyhow on to my samples of the week. My apologies for the bad lighting in this picture, it is completely dark outside and it has been gloomy all day.

First sample is from Number 4 Hair Care, it is the L'eau de Mare hydrating condition. I thought it was a conditioner but it is not. It is a hair serum, it says I can get 3 uses out of it. We'll have to see about that.
The second sample is the Schwarzkopf BonaCure Sun Protect hair shampoo, I know I should actually use this in the summer but I have started to use some of it already. And it is bothering me that I still have some left from the summer so I need to finish this.
The third sample is a repeat from a couple of weeks ago when I had the same Meridol mouthwash. Well I had 2 samples of these and decided it needs to go so it is put in this weeks project sample.

I do apologize for not having such a great selection this week. But some samples need to go!! 
Also I will be doing a 1-brand only project samples very soon as requested by Natasha, if any of you have any other request please do leave a comment.

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