Sunday, 2 December 2012

Project Samples End of Week 3

Hi dolls,

another week, another end of project samples. I have to say it now being December I am super excited about everything, I don't know why, but I am excited about the upcoming subscription boxes I am receiving. And the prospect of pressies of course and most importantly Christmas cards in the mail. I love getting mail (except bills do not like those) but otherwise I love getting mail. So December is a busy month for my mail man lol. Anyways back to project samples I am getting way off topic.

Yeah project samples, once again I managed to not use 1 of my samples. It was also the sample that I looked forward to the most, it was the Lancome Rouge In Love anyways good thing is that I get to use it next week.

Now onto the reviews of the samples.
Lancome Rouge In Love, not used will be taken to the next week.
EOS Shaving Cream, this shaving cream contains aloe and shea butter which makes it super moisturizing. It has a pomegranate and raspberry scent. It smells absolutely gorgeous, this shaving cream can be used on dry skin and wet skin which is true. This sample was good for 1 use (meaning legs) the only problem I have with this is after I finished shaving and showering I felt an itch coming everywhere I used the shaving cream, meaning my skin was reacting not too nicely to it. My skin can be sensitive sometimes, so it was good to know that this had that kind of effect on me. No rash, just a bit redness itchiness that disappeared after an hour.
Lavera Pore Refining Moisturizing Fluid, which contains organic mint and organic burdock extract. A very light weight moisturizer that does not have a very pleasant scent to me. Very herbal scent, which I usually don't like. But a nice moisturizer for just one-off and great as a daily moisturizer for people who are looking for a light weight moisturizer.
Meridol mouth wash, not too keen on this. 1 use only, did not had the strong menthol affect that I want in a mouth wash.
Clinique Supermoisture Makeup, this was a sample from last week that I did not use. This is basically a light coverage foundation with heavy moisture for the very dry to dry combination skin. I do like a light coverage sometimes but this did not do it for me that much, I got a couple of used out of it as I put it in a jar. 

That was it for week 3 of Project Samples, is there any particular sample you want me to try out next? I have all sorts of samples so just pick something, it can be moisturizer, hair care product, foundation etc. 

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