Tuesday, 18 December 2012

12 Days of Christmas (Day 6) My Dedication Post to the Sandy Hook victims

Hi everyone,

I was planning on doing a Christmas post but decided to dedicate 1 of my 12 Days of Christmas to the Sandy Hook victims.

It truly is heartbreaking of what happened in Newtown. When I first heard about it, I just could not believe it that there was someone who could do such a horrid thing to children. These were innocent children who thought that were just going to school and learn something new in class. Even though I don't have children myself I do hope someday I will. This is something that comes from a parent's worst nightmare. To think your child is safe at school and then to hear that your child will not be returning home.

When I read about what 1 of the parents of the victims said it also shows that we should not forget about them. 1 of the victim's parent said the following ''I feel sorry for the killer's family as they are dealing with loss as well'' this shows that even though he lost his own child he can still think of someone else. If we could take an example from that and just think about someone else once in a while and just to be kind to another. The world will seem a nicer place.

During the holiday season we celebrate with the family and this year those families will have to miss their little angel. I would like to dedicate this post to everyone who has lost someone and to remember to light a candle during Christmas for that person or light a candle for the Sandy Hook victims. We have to value every day we get to spend with our loved ones even in this fast world where we seem to not stand still and keep being on the move. It is important to reflect and realize how lucky we are to still be here.

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  1. This was very beautiful. It's so hard hearing about these innocent children. I just hope there is something we can do to prevent it from ever happening again.


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