Monday, 17 December 2012

12 Days of Christmas (Day 5) Gift Ideas for Men

Hi dolls,

as promised yesterday I have Gift Ideas for Men for you today. I know sometimes it can be very difficult to decide what to buy for the opposite sex. I have to admit, every time I have to buy a present for 1 of my male friends I am struggling. However there are always a couple of presents I can fall back on as a safety net. 

If he likes beer, go to a liquor store or one of those specialized beer stores. There are plenty of special beers out there and some even come in a gift set with a matching glass. 

A DVD or blu ray box of his favorite TV show or movie is always a hit. Especially if you can find a special edition with those added on extras. I know they release them just in time for Christmas. 
(taken from google search) 1 of my favorite movies as well.

If your man is a total T-shirt fan, you can always buy a nice t-shirt for him. Please do check out his closet first to see what kind of style he wears otherwise he will be disappointed. And check sizes too!!

If your man is a sports fan any kind of sports, get him tickets to see his favorite team. If you can't get tickets, any sports jersey is always a good thing too. Or you can get both. (He will absolutely love you for it)

Gadgets are always good, if you find something that you think James Bond will like then he will probably like too. Because boys will always be boys and love to play with their toys.
(Taken from google search) Hello mr. Daniel Craig!

Another great thing is arrange a day for him to go racing or letting him drive in his all time favorite car. For him it will be a day to remember. It might not sound exciting for you but trust me he will love it!

One of my favorites, is getting him a watch. I myself am a huge watch person I have about 6 watches at the moment. If his watch is smaller than mine, I am not impressed lol. But yeah watches are a great thing, you have watches for different budgets. If your man is a bit more colorful when it comes to like clothes. You can get a more funkier watch.
If he is a bit more trendy you can get him a watch with a nice leather strap and a big dialface. There are a lot of watches out there, and usually their return policies during Christmas are great.

So thats it for my suggestions for gift ideas for men. If you think I have left out anything, add it in the comments down below.

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  1. I bought my boyfriend a watch last year and he loved it!


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