Monday, 10 December 2012

End of Project Samples Week 4

Hi dolls,

I know I am a day late with my post and to be honest I completely forgot, I got so caught up watching CSI last night that by the time I realized I needed to write this blogpost it was already 1 AM and I needed to go to bed because I was so tired. I wasn't even paying attention to what they were saying anymore, so I really have no clue what happened lol.

Anyhow, the end of week 4 already. This week we had 4 samples, 1 of the samples was from week 3.

Ok so the first 2 samples at the top there were the shampoo and conditioner duo from Sabon. The packaging was quite nice although not the best thing when you realize that the packaging gets wet (the outer packaging is like this paper) I tried my best to preserve the packaging drying it immediately after I was done in the shower. The scent didn't really do it for me, it had this plant/herbal scent to it that was fairly strong. I like my shampoo and conditioner to have a more soft, sweet powdery scent or the hair salon product scents.  The scent on this was quite overpowering and therefore it kind of put me off immediately. The shampoo was ok to use but the conditioner really weighed my hair down or so it feels like. Obviously this was an 1 use sample so the true effects cannot be judged upon. But I will not buy the full size of this just because the scent put me off.

The third sample is the Weleda Buckthorne body oil, this was an interesting product to use as I never used a specific body oil, I have had oil massages before but this was different. I previously tried the Weleda buckthorne body lotion but was put off by the strong scent. This had a similar scent but not as strong, it has a very citrus/herbal scent to it which does not appeal to me at all. But this was very tolerable actually. I have been using this body oil on my legs because using it on my upper body it would have been too much and the scent would put me off. But after a couple of uses this body oil really hydrates and moisturizes my legs so well. My legs felt super smooth and this body oil was not oily at all, the skin took it in really nicely. Still I would not purchase the full size of this, because of the scent just not my thing.

The fourth sample is the Lancome Rouge In Love lipstick sample, this was such a nice color on the lips. Very pinky coral, a very nice summer color. It says it lasts for 6 hours, I wouldn't say 6 hours necessarily but it did leave a stain of the lipstick. Because I had to apply this with my finger, it left a stain on my finger! But I do like this and it wasn't drying on the lips either. So I might actually pick up the full size of this.

A post of the new samples for week 5 will be up later tonight.

xox Ellen


  1. I like ur blog it's simple and pretty.

    Im following you and hope you can visit my blog too..and click the friend button i have there to join in

    Thanks! hope to hear from you

    1. Thank you so much that means a lot to me. I can most definitely check out your blog



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