Sunday, 16 December 2012

Project Samples End of Week 5

Hi dolls,

it is Sunday which means it is the end of Project Samples week 5 already. It seems like the weeks pass so fast like it is unreal. I always feel like it was just yesterday when I picked out the samples for the week and then it is the end of the week already and I have to write the short reviews of the samples.

Maybe you still remember this week I only had 3 samples and have to admit I could not finish the Biosilk sample, as it is pretty decent size and I don't actually use the serum every day because it makes my hair always really heavy so I use it every other day.

The first sample is the L'Oreal Youth Code Luminize serum, I did not really like this, it is a huge difference from the Lancome Genefique serum. When I applied this, it left this residue which felt like my skin was peeling off and then on some areas on my face it felt like it was breaking me out. So yeah this kind of scared me but luckily the next day it was ok, I applied this at night btw.
The second sample is the BioSilk, I have to admit I love this product. You only need a little bit and I usually apply it on towel dry hair. It smells exactly like how a hair salon smells when you first walk in. This product really makes your hair feel silky smooth, but as I said I only use this every other day even though I do wash my hair every day. I try not to wash it every day but I just can't help myself.
The third and final sample of this week was the Biotherm Biosensitive cleansing milk, it said it was for sensitive skin, it smells like a typical sensitive skin scent (if you get what I mean?) it just smells much softer. It took of my face makeup fine but I don't think I would purchase the full size as I don't really find it necessary there are plenty of other nicer products out there.

What kind of product sample should I pick next? Or shout out a random brand maybe I actually have a sample of that brand.

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