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12 Days of Christmas (Day 4) Gift Ideas for Girls

Hi dolls,

It is day 4 of 12 days of Christmas and I bring you the topic Gift ideas for girls/women. I know shopping for girls is far easier than shopping for men. Don't worry tomorrow's post will be gift ideas for men. But as we sometimes still strugle on what to buy for our gender I am going to give you a few suggestions that you could use.

Depending on your budget you have the more expensive side of things and then also the cheaper side of things. 

Now for a beauty/makeup junkie like me if you buy me makeup I am like over the moon! I love all the holiday sets that brands come out with and they are great value even as a present for yourself. 

For someone who is a bit more difficult to shop for. The idea I like most is getting a gift basket and fill it with goodies (can be expensive but can also have some more inexpensive if you have a budget). These goodies you will have to match that person of course. But great things that are in generally a hit to put in those kind of baskets are warm fuzzy socks, a nice scarf, a hot water bottle, home deco stuff like candles or a nice little vase even little extras like Christmas ornaments are always cute to include. You can add like cute deco soaps. Your friend's favorite treats or a bakery voucher for cupcakes. If you enjoy drinking (legal age drinkers of course) you can add a bottle of wine or nice wine glasses or martini glasses for the cocktail drinkers. If your friend is a jewellery lover, you can always add a cute box with a jewellery piece inside this can be expensive/inexpensive depending on your budget. If your friend/family has a pet, put in a pet treat for the pet. Just have fun with it, if you receive a basket or a box filled with little things and some Christmas ornaments it is like the perfect Christmas gift because you have multiple gifts into one. 

Of course you can always just buy a set of the same theme, for example wine lovers get a bottle of wine with a set of 2 glasses and maybe a wine book.
A get-through-winter-warm set containing hot water bottle, fuzzy socks, a nice blanket, with a candle and some chocolate.
For the sweet-tooths, you can buy like a cupcake holder, cupcake themed things, a DIY cupcake set with all sorts of sprinkles, her favorite candies ok for the sweet-tooth the possibilities are endless. Well all sets are endless possibilities. 

Of course receiving a big thing is great but sometimes it really is a gamble whether or not it will be a hit or it will be passed on (you know you receive gifts you don't like and decide to give it to other people. You have all done this before so don't act shocked) or gifts that are returned. Yes a lot of the gifts are returned to the store. When you buy multiple smaller things, you have a higher chance of success with your friend/family and it saves disappointment. Especially when you have a lower budget you can be creative and just make something fun out of it.

I hope I helped you a little bit in the right direction, if you have already finished your Christmas shopping I say koodos to you! Happy Holidays!

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