Wednesday, 19 December 2012

12 Days of Christmas (Day 7) My Favorite Christmas Movies

Hi dolls,

After yesterday's more serious post I thought I would post a bit more light hearted post my favorite Christmas movies that I love watching every year. I picked out 3 of all the Christmas movies out there, or there is only 3 that I can think of right now that I love and basically watch every year.

The first is Home Alone, this is a classic that I have been watching ever since I was little. This movie is on TV every year and I happily watch it every year. Last year I spend Christmas in China so I made sure that I was watching it online lol.
(taken from IMDB)

The second is Grinch, I just love this movie a lot. And Jim Carrey is unrecognisable as the Grinch. Although I don't watch this movie religiously every year. It is always on my mind though.

(taken from

The last Christmas movie I watch every year is Love Actually, it is a typical romcom with a bunch of stories of different couples that all tie together.

(taken from IMDB)

Those are my 3 favorite Christmas movies that I love watching every year. What are your favorite Christmas movie or movies?


  1. When we were little my younger sister would play Home Alone all year long.

  2. I love all these movies,too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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