Saturday, 8 December 2012

Essence Fantasia & Snow Jam Limited Edition Collections

Hi dolls,

I know I have been announcing and showing you a lot of new products for this month or for next year lately. But I love to keep up to date and also prepare for the new products that I want to buy. 

First up is the Essence Fantasia collection, a collection inspired by fantasy and fairytales. Expect a lot of shimmer!

In this limited edition collection there will be 3 eyeshadows retailing at € 1.99 a piece, 2 metalic eyeliners retailing at € 1.89 a piece, 2 lip laquers retailing at € 1.99 a piece, a highlighter retailing at € 2.99, 4 nail polishes retailing at € 1.89 a piece and eye jewels that stick to your skin for € 1.59
This limited edition will be available in stores now! I think I am going to pick up the highlighter it looks too pretty to pass up!
The next limited edition collection by Essence is called Snow Jam, inspired by Snow season with all the snow bunnies on the slopes. I have to say I am pretty excited because it contains such vibrant colors.

There are 3 different eyeshadows in cream consistency retailing € 2.39 a piece, 2 jumbo duo eyepencils retailing € 1.99 a piece, 2 lipbalms retailing at € 1.59 a piece, 4 nailpolishes retailing at € 1.69 a piece, mini nailfiles for € 1.39 and a 24hour hand protection balm retailing at € 1.99

This limited edition collection will be available from January 2013 onwards for about a month or two. I might pick up a couple of the nailpolishes the eyeshadows don't really appeal to me that much.


  1. Those colors are bright and cheery! Yay you! I am your newest follower and was hoping that you would follow me back!


  2. The highlighter is soo pretty!


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